Day 17 – Last post for awhile, Sanctuary on the hard for repairs, we are at home

We left Sanctuary behind in Sandusky OH for repairs which are estimated to take a couple of weeks to be completed.    She is in the barn awaiting estimates, insurance adjuster, and eventually repairs.

Since we couldn’t stay on the boat in the storage barn, we traveled back home.   We’ll post again when we have news on the repairs and expect to get on the water again.



Short trip for Sanctuary today

DSE_3325 DSE_3329 DSE_3332 DSE_3339  sanctuary in barn


Sanctuary eagerly waits for repairs in the repair facility. This will be the last post for a few days while we wait on insurance estimates and repair progress.


Day 16 – Journey to nowhere, some repairs completed, and a dinghy ride

We are still docked in sick bay. Tomorrow the mechanic should arrive and we can hopefully get started on the engine repairs.  One of the local people (Nathan  and Katie) who keep their boat at this marina were going to West Marine and offered us a ride.  We got the needed wire and parts to repair the DC system there.  Next, they were going to Menards and offered to drop us off at Meijers.  So we picked up additional food supplies at Meijers just like we were at home.

Once the repairs were completed, we took the dinghy for a ride over by Cedar Point. We toured the marina there and located a Famous Daves restaurant.  I think a visit there will go on the to-do list for tomorrow.  So for now we are hanging out at this marina, which is very nice.


Cedar Point Marina – view from the dinghy

DSE_3304 DSE_3307 DSE_3309 DSE_3311

Venetian MarinaDSE_3313




Sanctuary still in sick bay … hopefully tomorrow the “doctor” a.k.a mechanic can start the healing process.

Day 15 – Smaller Waves, Clear Sky, and a visit with TowBoat US

We were going to stay in port today since the wave prediction was still for big waves.  By lunch time the wind had dropped, the waves were down to less than one foot and it was sunny, so we decided to head for the Sandusky area and anchor for the night.  As we passed the Lorain harbor light house, we could see it was open and people were touring the facility.   We had a nice ride down past Cedar Point to the Sandusky Harbor.

That is where things took a turn for the worse.  The captain thought we could cut across to an anchorage area based on the depths on the chart … bad idea!! We soon were stuck and lost all DC power.  We called the coast guard who contacted Tow Boat US.  Thankfully, we didn’t take on water and no one was injured. Tow Boat US soon came and got us off the sand bar.  The young men were knowledgeable and kind. They asked both of us individually how we were doing and made sure we were okay.

While we tried to power back off the sand bar, somehow the engine mounts broke.  So now the engine needs to be lifted and reattached. The TowBoat took us to Venetian Marina in Sandusky were they can do repairs.  All hands were on deck as we were towed/walked into sick bay. Many boaters from the marina came to our aid & assisted in getting us tied up. Many came by later and let us know if there’s anything we needed or anywhere we wanted to go, they’d help us. Thanks also for our family & friends on stand-by prayer for us while in the middle of this drama.

We will have to wait till Monday to find out what the damage is.  So Sanctuary is in sick bay in plain view of Cedar Point.  We can see the rides and fire works from the boat.

Lorain Harbor Light HouseDSE_3273  DSE_3276 DSE_3275


Much calmer seasDSE_3285


Cedar Point from the lakeDSE_3288






Sanctuary in Sick Bay … sad to see, but could have been much worse if it would have happened in a storm with adverse conditions out in the big lake.



Day 14 – Big Wind, Big Waves, Glad to make port, and an Amazing Sunset

We had planned to go to South Bass Island, Put In Bay today, but the weather predicted for the lake to get rough in the afternoon.   So we planned a shorter trip to Lorain, OH with the idea we would be in before the bad weather was predicted to arrive.  As usual, the prediction was almost right.

The last hour or so the wind had already arrived and the waves were getting larger and larger. The admiral was not happy, even though the boat handled it very well.  Having 33,000 pounds pushing back on the waves helps knock them down some, but still does not make for the best day on the lake.  We were very glad to make port at Lorain OH.

Since the ride was rough, we celebrated by going out to lunch at the marina restaurant.   If you’re ever in the area, I would highly recommend the Jackalope restaurant.

Bob, the husband of the clothing shop owner at the marina, took Steve to the store for needed supplies–another act of random kindness.  We’ve experienced many acts of kindnesses along the way. On the way back to the dock, the owner of a Main Ship trawler asked if we needed to go anywhere. He was willing to transport us. Later that evening, there was an amazing sunset.

View from restaurant deckLorain OH_Panorama1


Light House at Lorain harbor


DSE_3188The waves look better from this viewDSE_3202DSE_3206

DSE_3232Sunset with waves splashing looked like hot molten lavaDSE_3234

DSE_3244 DSE_3245

Lighthouse illuminated at nightDSE_3265




Sanctuary tied up for the night at Lorain Harbor – Spitzer Lakeside Marina


Day 13 – back on the lake, another state, and a thunderstorm

We left Erie, PA today traveling west on Lake Erie to the port of Eastlake Ohio, staying at Chagrin Lagoon Yacht Club.  The day was mostly cloudy, but after one thunderstorm passed, the sun came out.  We watched one storm approaching on the radar and altered course to miss it.  Radar on the boat is great! When the next storm hit, thankfully it was minor, just heavy rain and wind. We remained dry in the fully enclosed flybridge.  Much more comfortable than it would have been in the cockpit of our sail boat.


Some views from the Bicentennial tower at Erie, PA from last nightDSE_3121DSE_3106DSE_3120 DSE_3113




Love our full enclosure in a rain storm!




DSE_3146 DSE_3141 DSE_3128


After the storm……DSE_3152




Sanctuary safely tied up for the night in Chagrin Lagoon Yacht Club, Eastlake, Ohio.



Day 12 – Maintenance, Laundry and visit with friends on land

Thunderstorms predicted for today, so we are staying in port at Erie. This also gives us more face time with dear friends, Bonnie & Rob. **Win-Win situation**

The oil needs changing, the brown smile from the canal needs to be removed,  the laundry needs to be done, etc……

Then we plan to continue west on Lake Erie tomorrow.


Day 11 – Open water, Haze on the horizon, and out of New York

Today was the first day on Lake Erie, no locks and no lift bridges, just open water and it was not chocolate brown.  We left the marina in Buffalo, NY headed for Erie, Pennsylvania with the goal of meeting our long-time friends Rob and Bonnie.  The lake was like glass leaving Buffalo, but it was hazy so not a great picture day.  Even though part of the day the lake was flat, those pesky flying bugs were out in full force! After pulling into the marina in Erie, we met Rob and Bonnie for a delicious, relaxing dinner.   DSE_3032   Leaving Buffalo, Erie Basin MarinaDSE_3031   Hazy day, got to check out the radar operation……….   DSE_3034   DSE_3035 The Admiral at the helm. DSE_3039   The Harbor at Erie PA DSE_3047 DSE_3050 Ready to load train engines for shipment DSE_3053 DSE_3056     DSE_3062     Sanctuary docked for the night in downtown Erie, Pennsylvania.

Day 10 – the last canal, the last lock, open water, and the mast is up

We left Albion NY this morning headed to Buffalo, NY.  The canal after Albion meanders through farm lands.  At one point the local road went under the canal.  We passed the northernmost point of the canal today. The last two locks on the Erie canal were locks 34 and 35.  They were the least fun of all of the locks.  We had a long wait because of the local tour boats going through ahead of us.  The locks are right together and each raises the boat 24.5 feet. There was construction so the jackhammer noise reverberated off the lock walls.  The Erie canal ends at the Niagara river, and luckily we went the right way and did not end up at the falls.  The Black Rock Canal parallels the Niagara river ending at Buffalo.  This was the final canal and lock.  It was a mere 6′ lift and is large enough for ships, so it was not a very dramatic end after the previous 36 locks.  We ended the day at Erie Basin Marina.  Bob and Vicki caught their ride there from Dale, and are heading home.  We will greatly miss their help and camaraderie .

DSE_2896 DSE_2899 DSE_2901

The only road that goes UNDER the canal

DSE_2932 Train Bridge


DSE_2939 DSE_2963 DSE_2972 DSE_2976


DSE_2992 DSE_2996


DSE_2974 DSE_2980


The last lockDSE_2984 DSE_2986 DSE_2987 DSE_2988 DSE_2991 DSE_3002

DSE_3017 DSE_3005 DSE_3004


Sanctuary happily tied up for the night with her mast up.  🙂



Day 9 – more time in the ditch, some quaint towns, and the rain arrived

We left Pittsford continuing west on the canal.  This part of the canal is like traveling through a park, with joggers, runners, bicyclers, and rowers.  The two locks just past Pittsford each raise the boat 25.1 feet.  That was the last locks for a while.  The new challenge is waiting for the lift bridges. Multiple times the bridge operator was off doing other things, and we had to wait to get through the bridge.  Further along the canal, we looked down at towns and houses adjacent to the canal.  We stopped in Brockport for lunch, and ate outside next to the canal actually lower than the water level.  We continued on to Albion, NY and tied up for the night.  The boat De De was there when we arrived. We first tied up near them in Waterford at the beginning of the canal journey.  Tomorrow we hope to make it to the Buffalo area which will end the canal and locks.  Bob and Vicki will get off there and Teresa and I will continue on to Erie, PA.  It will not be the same with our GREAT crew who made it possible to get through all the locks and bridges of the Erie canal.


Pittsford has a large rowing facility, and a controlled rapids for practice

DSE_2804 DSE_2814

This is a newer lock with smooth concrete walls–very nice. DSE_2813




A unique camper/boat……………………..

The canal walls are continually changing.





Looking down on the town from the canal





Stop for lunch and shopping in historic Brockport.

DSE_2855 DSE_2856 DSE_2857 DSE_2860 DSE_2863 DSE_2866





The rain arrives. Into every life, a little rain must fall.

Sanctuary tied up for the night in Albion, NY.  A quiet evening is planned: downloading pictures, fixing dinner, and a movie on board.

Another sunset.

DSE_2881 DSE_2879 DSE_2877

Day 8 of our trip home – Not as many miles, no locks, Nice time in Pittsford

We started the day at Mid Lakes Marina in Macedon.    Our plan for the day was to go to Pittsford where Bob and Vicki’s nephew Dale and family live.  As we passed Fairport they were having a festival, so the city was full of vendors and lots of activity.  We were on time for the lift bridge but the bridge tender was not.  So we had to hold position waiting for about 1/2 hour.  We had a short travel day with out any locks.   In Pittsford we tied up on the wall at the city facilities.  They provide water and power.   After a great lunch at Aladdins Natural Eatery, we explored the area in downtown Pittsford on the canal.   We met Bob and Vicki’s nephew Dale and family for dinner.  We gave the kids a tour of the boat which they found very interesting then ate delicious pizza from Pontillo’s. Later we went to Pittsford Farms Dairy for ice cream–the happening place! DSE_2748 DSE_2749 The canal was very straight with rock or concrete walls for most of the day.  There was one part of the canal with a 70-foot drop on the other side of the canal wall.  The bike paths and roads on either side made it look very park like. DSE_2757     DSE_2756 DSE_2755 Fairport FestivalDSE_2752     Fairport Festival     Pittsford: a nice docking place for the night.   DSE_2779 DSE_2762 DSE_2771  DSE_2778 An old grain silo converted to offices   DSE_2765 DSE_2770   Sanctuary securely tied up for the night.