Day one of our trip home and Happy Birthday to Steve

DSE_1826Stony Point Light HouseDSC_0021 DSE_1833 Bob Helping Vicki pilot DSE_1844 DSE_1850 DSE_1852 DSE_1862 DSE_1871 West PointDSE_1875 West PointDSE_1890 DSE_1917 DSE_1923 DSE_1931 Esopous Meadows LightDSE_1934 SunsetDSE_1937 DSE_1939 DSE_1940 Birthday CakeDSE_1946 DSE_1951


We went North past West Point, past the Bear Mountain Bridge, Newburg Bridge, and Poughkeepsie Bride.

We anchored for the night in Vanderburgh Cove by Esopous Meadows Lighthouse, where we watched a beautiful sunset over the Catskill Mountains.

What a great day!


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  1. Holly F. Schwartz
    Holly F. Schwartz says:

    I am envious of you both as you travel through the most glorious countryside, especially seeing West Point from the Hudson ~ It must have been a spectacular sight to see!

    • Sanctuary
      Sanctuary says:

      Holly, we actually walked part of West Point a few weekends ago while in New York negotiating the sale of Sanctuary. But seeing WP from the water gave us a whole new & exciting experience.

    MILO R DEVRIES says:

    So very happy I found your site. Having made this same voyage, I am reliving a fun 3 weeks back in the 70’s. The sites, locks, towns, etc. will all be pretty much unchanged. The history, all going by with no sign posts, is awe-inspiring. Consider when and how the engineers and workers, with their horses, picks and shovels, constructed this whole waterway. Am enjoying your comments and pictures. When you return, we will sit down and go through my pictures and adventures of the same trip.
    Enjoy, Enjoy and enjoy some more. No naps are allowed —– you will definitely miss something.
    Milo R DeVries

    • Sanctuary
      Sanctuary says:

      I know what you mean when you say “No naps allowed.” I thought about resting this afternoon, but thought about what I’d miss, so we all stayed above. Love to sit down with you guys & compare notes and pictures. That would be grand. Stay tuned for more pics and comments. Good reminder for us that are experiencing the adventure for the first time to remember how the engineers & workers painstakingly made their way through the many, many miles of waterways and locks. Fondly, Steve & Teresa and Bob & Vicki


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