Day 3 of our trip home and lots of locks

Leaving Waterford via the Erie canal you go through the highest amount of lift in the shortest distance any where in the world.  The Waterford flight of docks raises the boat over 150 via 5 locks.  The crew has to keep the boat next to the wall but not crashing into the wall. They reported that they will not need to go to the gym today.

DSE_2160 First Lock at WaterfordDSE_2161 DSE_2163 Inside the lockDSE_2165 waiting to rise up lockDSE_2167 at the top pf the lockDSE_2169 DSE_2171 DSE_2172 DSE_2178 DSE_2179 DSE_2180 DSE_2182 Lock gateDSE_2193 DSE_2194 Mohawk RiverDSE_2195Guard Gate

We followed the Mohawk River through a few more locks past Schenectady, to Amsterdam where we tied up for the night.


Yes it is very turbulent as the lock fills pushing the boat all around.


Next to most of the locks was a dam.




DSE_2217 DSE_2218 DSE_2231 DSE_2233 DSE_2236 DSE_2239 DSE_2246 DSE_2249

We were glad this barge was not in the lock with us.


A train went over the lock just as we were going under the bridge.




Tied up at Amsterdam City dock for the night.



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