Day 4 of our trip home More locks, some rain, and one of the worlds highest lift locks

We started today in Amsterdam NY, and ended the day in Ilion NY.   We continued meandering along the Mohawk river and eventually  left the Mohawk river and continued on the man made part of the Erie canal.   The canal was full of sticks and logs.  One of the “go fast” power boats we were following through the locks picked up a large log/tree and was disabled for a while.  They kept running ahead but the turtle kept catching them at the next lock.   DSE_2286

Early in the day it was sunny and clear and the trees and bridges reflecting in the water was very prettyDSE_2309


Later the rain arrived…………….

DSE_2333 DSE_2332 DSE_2335


The crew helping in the lock

DSE_2344 DSE_2342 DSE_2276

Some of the lock walls were smooth steel or concrete, some like this were quite ruff.  All were dirty and wet so they needed gloves.


The view from the top of a lock one raised to the top


Entering lock #17 which is one of the highest lift locks in the world


The entry is a large gate the raises up.


At the bottom of the lock


Water filling the lock

DSE_2347 DSE_2346 DSE_2345


Finished for the day at Ilion Marina





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    CHUCK BARKER says:

    Keep chugging, looks like your making good time.. Give me a call when you reach Buffalo.
    Where are you going to moor when you arive in the area?
    My telcos:
    Home: 716.668.7147
    Cell: 716.863.4934



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