Day 5 of our trip home, our first lock down, and a walk on the beach

We visited the Remington Factory Museum in ILion before leaving today.

DSE_2405 DSE_2408 DSE_2411 DSE_2422A Remington Bicycle DSE_2420 DSE_2412

Bob and Vicki looking for a sampleDSE_2423 DSE_2425


From ILion, we traveled the Erie Canal. This part of the canal is a straight narrow “ditch”, not nearly as scenic or interesting as the river parts.



A Blue Heron followed us for a long way.

DSE_2482 DSE_2481


To keep it interesting, some planes provided entertainment.

DSE_2460 DSE_2457


So far on the trip every lock was a lift. We entered low and the water filled the lock raising the boat to the next level.  Today, we went through the first of two locks that lowered the boat to the next level.

DSE_2494Starting at the topDSE_2517

As the water was lowered, a waterfall appeared at the end of the lock.

DSE_2515DSE_2511 DSE_2500 Out at the new level.


We ended the day tied up on the wall at Sylvan Beach.  It was a great location with more than one ice cream shop.  Then we walked along Oneida Lake and watched the sunset.

DSE_2548 Sunset on Oneida LakeDSE_2559

DSE_2553 Lighthouse on east side of Oneida Lake

Sanctuary set for the night



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