Day 6 of our trip home – a lake, a river, and exploring a lock

We traveled from Sylvan Beach to lock #25 on the Erie Canal.   We started at Sylvan Beach with a very pretty sunrise.   We then crossed Oneida Lake which is 17 miles end to end.   After leaving Oneida Lake, we were on the Oneida River.   This part of the route had lots of very large and interesting houses. While traveling along Seneca River, the water was extremely high and you could see where it had been very flooded.   We ended the day just below lock # 25 since they were already closed for the day. This gave us a chance to explore the lock from land and see the machinery up close.


Sunrise at Oneida Lake

DSE_2581 DSE_2576


Not every boat was completely shipshape. A modern day pirate………….



The light house on the east end of Oneida Lake



Crossing Oneida Lake gave us a horizon instead of just the river and channel views.

DSE_2597 DSE_2590 DSE_2587 DSE_2599

Leaving Oneida Lake


Some of the views from Oneida River.

DSE_2605 DSE_2604 DSE_2601 DSE_2629 DSE_2622 DSE_2620

There was an old aquaduct remains near the end of today’s trip. Only part of the structure remains, back in the 1800’s it was used to move barges over the river.

DSE_2642 DSE_2641 DSE_2637


We ended the day at lock # 25.

DSE_2669 DSE_2664 DSE_2661 DSE_2660 DSE_2657 DSE_2656 DSE_2655


Sanctuary’s rest spot for the night.



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  1. Holly F. Schwartz
    Holly F. Schwartz says:

    How long will it take you to get back to Michigan? I’m glad that the weather has been on your side. Praying for a safe return!!!!

  2. Kevin Torrens
    Kevin Torrens says:

    We are loving watching the journey of Sanctuary to its new home. We hope the boat is treating you as well as it did us. Glad to see you are taking in some sights along the way. Hope your locking gloves are holding up. Keep up the blog and pics, we are loving our vicarious journey. Wave to my hometown of Fairport when you pass through. All the best. Kevin.


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