Day 7 of our trip home – Lots of time in the ditch, some nice towns, and canal boats

Since we spent the night just below lock #25, the first lock was completed by 8:30 am.  We spent most of the day traveling in the “ditch” which is the man-made part of the canal. The ditches are generally very straight and narrow without much scenery.  At one point, we were above the road way looking down at passing cars.  We did see a couple of eagles and some deer near the water way.   We ended the day at a marina just past lock #30.  The area around lock #30 is where the canal boats originate.   They are very interesting and would be a fun way to experience the canal if you did not have a boat in the area. DSE_2743   Road next to the canal,  just before this, the road was lower than the canal. DSE_2686 Stop at Clyde for pump out and water.  Although we weren’t there long, we encountered some interesting sights. DSE_2688 The ditch   Some scenes from Clyde. DSE_2692 DSE_2683   At lock  #28A,  there is a large dry dock for repair of the canal work barges   DSE_2715 DSE_2716 DSE_2714 DSE_2712 Which lock is this?  … they are all starting to look the same…………… DSE_2703   DSE_2739   Some of the walls from 1911 need a little repair……….   DSE_2745

The lock filling, a.k.a.  the bubble bath.

IMG_20140606_145456188 IMG_20140606_145437272 IMG_20140606_145414692

There were some very  interesting mural paintings at Newark NY depicting the early days of the canal.


Some of the bridges were VERY low and we just cleared them with the Bimini top up DSE_2721 close enough to touchDSE_2726 DSE_2727     IMG_20140606_082403414 What a great day……………………….         DSE_2679   DSE_2740 Here’s an example of a canal rental boat. DSE_2747 Sanctuary tied up for the night at Mid-Lakes Marina dock–west of Lock #30.

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