Day 9 – more time in the ditch, some quaint towns, and the rain arrived

We left Pittsford continuing west on the canal.  This part of the canal is like traveling through a park, with joggers, runners, bicyclers, and rowers.  The two locks just past Pittsford each raise the boat 25.1 feet.  That was the last locks for a while.  The new challenge is waiting for the lift bridges. Multiple times the bridge operator was off doing other things, and we had to wait to get through the bridge.  Further along the canal, we looked down at towns and houses adjacent to the canal.  We stopped in Brockport for lunch, and ate outside next to the canal actually lower than the water level.  We continued on to Albion, NY and tied up for the night.  The boat De De was there when we arrived. We first tied up near them in Waterford at the beginning of the canal journey.  Tomorrow we hope to make it to the Buffalo area which will end the canal and locks.  Bob and Vicki will get off there and Teresa and I will continue on to Erie, PA.  It will not be the same with our GREAT crew who made it possible to get through all the locks and bridges of the Erie canal.


Pittsford has a large rowing facility, and a controlled rapids for practice

DSE_2804 DSE_2814

This is a newer lock with smooth concrete walls–very nice. DSE_2813




A unique camper/boat……………………..

The canal walls are continually changing.





Looking down on the town from the canal





Stop for lunch and shopping in historic Brockport.

DSE_2855 DSE_2856 DSE_2857 DSE_2860 DSE_2863 DSE_2866





The rain arrives. Into every life, a little rain must fall.

Sanctuary tied up for the night in Albion, NY.  A quiet evening is planned: downloading pictures, fixing dinner, and a movie on board.

Another sunset.

DSE_2881 DSE_2879 DSE_2877

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