Day 10 – the last canal, the last lock, open water, and the mast is up

We left Albion NY this morning headed to Buffalo, NY.  The canal after Albion meanders through farm lands.  At one point the local road went under the canal.  We passed the northernmost point of the canal today. The last two locks on the Erie canal were locks 34 and 35.  They were the least fun of all of the locks.  We had a long wait because of the local tour boats going through ahead of us.  The locks are right together and each raises the boat 24.5 feet. There was construction so the jackhammer noise reverberated off the lock walls.  The Erie canal ends at the Niagara river, and luckily we went the right way and did not end up at the falls.  The Black Rock Canal parallels the Niagara river ending at Buffalo.  This was the final canal and lock.  It was a mere 6′ lift and is large enough for ships, so it was not a very dramatic end after the previous 36 locks.  We ended the day at Erie Basin Marina.  Bob and Vicki caught their ride there from Dale, and are heading home.  We will greatly miss their help and camaraderie .

DSE_2896 DSE_2899 DSE_2901

The only road that goes UNDER the canal

DSE_2932 Train Bridge


DSE_2939 DSE_2963 DSE_2972 DSE_2976


DSE_2992 DSE_2996


DSE_2974 DSE_2980


The last lockDSE_2984 DSE_2986 DSE_2987 DSE_2988 DSE_2991 DSE_3002

DSE_3017 DSE_3005 DSE_3004


Sanctuary happily tied up for the night with her mast up.  🙂



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