Day 15 – Smaller Waves, Clear Sky, and a visit with TowBoat US

We were going to stay in port today since the wave prediction was still for big waves.  By lunch time the wind had dropped, the waves were down to less than one foot and it was sunny, so we decided to head for the Sandusky area and anchor for the night.  As we passed the Lorain harbor light house, we could see it was open and people were touring the facility.   We had a nice ride down past Cedar Point to the Sandusky Harbor.

That is where things took a turn for the worse.  The captain thought we could cut across to an anchorage area based on the depths on the chart … bad idea!! We soon were stuck and lost all DC power.  We called the coast guard who contacted Tow Boat US.  Thankfully, we didn’t take on water and no one was injured. Tow Boat US soon came and got us off the sand bar.  The young men were knowledgeable and kind. They asked both of us individually how we were doing and made sure we were okay.

While we tried to power back off the sand bar, somehow the engine mounts broke.  So now the engine needs to be lifted and reattached. The TowBoat took us to Venetian Marina in Sandusky were they can do repairs.  All hands were on deck as we were towed/walked into sick bay. Many boaters from the marina came to our aid & assisted in getting us tied up. Many came by later and let us know if there’s anything we needed or anywhere we wanted to go, they’d help us. Thanks also for our family & friends on stand-by prayer for us while in the middle of this drama.

We will have to wait till Monday to find out what the damage is.  So Sanctuary is in sick bay in plain view of Cedar Point.  We can see the rides and fire works from the boat.

Lorain Harbor Light HouseDSE_3273  DSE_3276 DSE_3275


Much calmer seasDSE_3285


Cedar Point from the lakeDSE_3288






Sanctuary in Sick Bay … sad to see, but could have been much worse if it would have happened in a storm with adverse conditions out in the big lake.



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  1. Deann and Jim
    Deann and Jim says:

    Oh Steve and Teresa , we are so saddened by the news of Sanctuary being held in sick bay:( our hearts sank last night when we learned of the news.
    We are glad to know you’re both ok and will pray for encouragement in the coming days.

    • Sanctuary
      Sanctuary says:

      Just a bump in the road (or on the bottom of the lake) … thanks for prayers for encouragement and a speedy fix for Sanctuary! We are most thankful she didn’t catch on fire or sink and we’re both fine–other than being shook up a bit.

  2. Theron & Kim
    Theron & Kim says:

    Really enjoying the blog & pictures, and all the good news, not the bad so much! Glad all is safe, and it will make for a more interesting tale in the end I suppose.


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