Day 16 – Journey to nowhere, some repairs completed, and a dinghy ride

We are still docked in sick bay. Tomorrow the mechanic should arrive and we can hopefully get started on the engine repairs.  One of the local people (Nathan  and Katie) who keep their boat at this marina were going to West Marine and offered us a ride.  We got the needed wire and parts to repair the DC system there.  Next, they were going to Menards and offered to drop us off at Meijers.  So we picked up additional food supplies at Meijers just like we were at home.

Once the repairs were completed, we took the dinghy for a ride over by Cedar Point. We toured the marina there and located a Famous Daves restaurant.  I think a visit there will go on the to-do list for tomorrow.  So for now we are hanging out at this marina, which is very nice.


Cedar Point Marina – view from the dinghy

DSE_3304 DSE_3307 DSE_3309 DSE_3311

Venetian MarinaDSE_3313




Sanctuary still in sick bay … hopefully tomorrow the “doctor” a.k.a mechanic can start the healing process.

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