Happy, Happy, Happy … Sanctuary floats again, Repairs Almost compete

Sanctuary is back in the water! The engine is reattached with new engine mounts.  The propeller is tuned and polished, along with many other repair details. Tomorrow we will do a sea trial and hopefully compete the electrical system repairs.  If all goes well, we can resume our travels toward home on Saturday.


Finally back in the water at Venetian Marina.


Our nephew Jeremy is helping with a portion of the return trip home.  After unloading the car and cleaning the boat, we celebrated by going out to dinner.   If you are in Sandusky, try DeMore’s Offshore Bar & Grill.  Our favorites: seafood nachos, perch dinner, shrimp dinner, and burgers are great.  Also, try the Orange crush.



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  1. Vicki Rehkopf
    Vicki Rehkopf says:

    YES we are HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY for you. Look forward to the daily posts from land rather then being on the boat with you. So glad Jeremy can be along Bob & Vicki


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