Day 18 – Finally out of Sandusky, Progress up the Detroit river, and Docked at the birth place of the Edmund Fitzgerald

We finally made it out of Sandusky!   After a more than 30-day delay for repairs, we are traveling again.  Since we left the Sanctuary blog travels at day 17, we will call the restart of travels day 18.  We traveled the rest of the way across Lake Erie and started up the Detroit river.

Jeremy received knot tying lessons along the way.  We passed a few light houses and many islands today. The hope was to make it to Lake St. Clair, but we were getting tired and decided to pull in just down river from the Detroit Ambassador Bridge at the Great Lakes Steel Boat Club.

This is a small private marina and was a ship yard many years ago.  We shoe horned Sanctuary in along the wall at the end of the marina.    The Edmund Fitzgerald was built and launched here.  Next to this are the old Boblo cruise boats used in the filming of one of the Transformers Movies.   We saw many ships going by in the river today.  Teresa was surprised at how close we end up to them in the channel.

DSE_3985 DSE_3987 DSE_3991 DSE_4001 DSE_4003 DSE_4006 DSE_4009 DSE_4022 DSE_4031 DSE_4032 DSE_4037 DSE_4046 DSE_4049 DSE_4055


South Bass Island Lighthouse


Marblehead Lighthouse


Detroit River Lighthouse

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