Day 20 – Continuing on St. Clair River, Visit with Cousins, and tour Port Huron

We continued north on the St. Clair river today stopping for the day in Port Huron.  Strong winds from the north and current of the river made for slow passage.    We wanted to stop in Port Huron to visit our cousin Bill.  Bill and his son Bill Jr picked us up at the boat and took us all around town.  Big highlight: a tour of the light Ship “The Huron” and the Fort Gratiot Lighthouse.  Drove past Bill Jrs office and marveled at the skiff he’s building.  Our evening ended after an enjoyable dinner at a cajun restaurant downtown.


Leaving St. Clair HarborDSE_4118 DSE_4124 DSE_4130 DSE_4141 DSE_4143


Entering Port Huron HarborDSE_4144 DSE_4147 DSE_4157


Light Ship TourDSE_4159 DSE_4168 DSE_4176 DSE_4178 DSE_4183 DSE_4189 DSE_4191

Bill Jr.,  Jeremy, Steve, and Bill Sr, with Blue Water Bridge in the background


Fort Gratiot Light House from landDSE_4199

Atop the light house — 94 steps up. Cold & blustery & extremely windy!

DSE_4207 DSE_4209 DSE_4210

Teresa, Steve, Bill Sr, Bill Jr and Jeremy had a great time visiting.






Sanctuary tied up for the night in river Street marina Port Huron MI


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  1. Vicki
    Vicki says:

    Glad you had a nice day on land today. I know we enjoyed our visit to the Huron Lightship and Fort Gratiot Lighthouse a few years ago. Looking forward to tomorrow’s post after a day on Lake Huron.

    • Sanctuary
      Sanctuary says:

      I was surprised they allowed us to walk on the catwalk with the strong winds. But they did. In fact, we were the only ones on that tour walk. Great time!


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