Day 21 – Wave goodbye to cousin Bill, Under the Bluewater Bridge, and on to the tip of the thumb

We traveled from Port Huron out into Lake Huron to the top of the thumb, ending the day at Harbor Beach Marina.

To start the day, Jeremy walked to Chef Shells Catering and Roadside Cafe for amazing donuts.  We enjoyed those very much.  If you are in Port Huron be sure to stop down town on main street by the river.

After a very long wait for fuel and a pump out, we got under way out into the St. Clair river.  The current in the St. Clair river at this point is very strong, cutting our forward speed in half.  Once out into Lake Huron, we resumed normal progress.

Bill was waiting on shore for us next to the Bluewater Bridge and waved as we went by. He used his towel as a signal to be sure we didn’t miss him. He had just finished his workout on the tread mill and swimming. At a fraction of his age, I’m not sure I could keep up with him.

After the Bluewater Bridge we passed Fort Gratiot Light House, the same one we climbed and toured from land yesterday.  So now we saw it from both views.

The trip up Lake Huron was calm, and mostly cloudy with one passing rain shower.

For dinner, we grilled BBQ chicken & corn on the cob on the boat and finished the day at Harbor Beach.


Port Huron River Street marina

DSE_4243 DSE_4244

Leaving the marina waiting for the bridge tender to open the bridge DSE_4245 DSE_4247 DSE_4248 DSE_4249

Bill waving at us from shoreDSE_4251

Blue Water Bridge connecting USA to CanadaDSE_4260 DSE_4261 DSE_4263 DSE_4275 DSE_4277

Fort Gratiot Light HouseDSE_4290 DSE_4293

Rain shower on the way


Harbor Beach Light House on the pier.DSE_4299 DSE_4302



Sanctuary snugly tied up for the night in Harbor Beach.



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