Day 22- Sunrise side of the lake, Covering miles on Lake Huron, No land in sight, and a brief shower

Continuing north on Lake Huron today, the day was uneventful.  We started out with 1′ or less waves, but soon they built up to over 3′ on the nose.  It did not affect progress much, but didn’t make for the most comfortable ride. By the end of the day, the lake had quieted back down to the 2′ or less than NOAA had been advertising.

We watched a small rain shower form over land and approach us on the lake.  The rest of the day was mostly sunny until evening.  Since we were well out into the lake, there was not a lot of scenery today.

We docked for the night at the municipal marina in Alpena.    Jeremy had his first experience being out in the lake being completely out of sight of land.  He called in on the radio and reserved us a spot in the marina … another first for him.


While outside getting ready to go and looking at the sunrise, the phone rang and a “peeping Vicki” called to describe what I was doing on the back of the boat.  The marina in Harbor Beach has a webcam on the boats.  Vicki and Bob found it and were virtually with us on the boat again.

DSE_4310 Sunrise side of the lake


DSE_4316 DSE_4317

No land in sight anywhere …

DSE_4318 DSE_4319 DSE_4323

Brief rain shower





Sanctuary tied up for the night in Alpena

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  1. Vicki
    Vicki says:

    It was neat checking in on you this morning. We have missed being on the boat. Continued safe travels. Vicki & Bob


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