Sanctuary is Home!!

Sanctuary arrived at her home on Friday August 8, 2014!   We were greeted at the Muskegon Channel by our friend Deann who took pictures of us entering the harbor.   Over the weekend, we were excited to introduce Sanctuary to friends and family.

Entering Muskegon Harbor    DSE_4777  DSE_4765  Sanctuary return to LYH pic from DK (12)

Sanctuary return to LYH pic from DK (28)


Sanctuary return to LYH pic from DK (18)

Sanctuary return to LYH pic from DK (7)

Sanctuary return to LYH pic from DK (26)  DSE_4793


Friends and family meet Sanctuary on Muskegon LakeDSE_4822DSE_4796 DSE_4799 DSE_4802 DSE_4810 DSE_4816 DSE_4819 DSE_4820  DSE_4829 DSE_4830 DSE_4832 DSE_4837

Sanctuary tied up for the night at her very OWN slip in Lakeshore Yacht HarbourDSE_4843

Day 31 Pentwater to Muskegon. Finally Home at LYH

Finally home …..  Details soon


IMG_20140808_145227161_HDR IMG_20140808_143821198_HDR IMG_20140808_133814993

Day 29 / 30 – Frankfort to Pentwater

Santuary anchored at PentwaterIMG_20140806_200516_719

Day 28 – Leaving Leland, past the Manitou Islands, Pt. Betsie and into Frankfort

We left Leland and entered the Manitou passage headed south passing North and South Manitou Islands. There was a nice following sea.  Even though the atmosphere was hazy, there was good visibility overall.   Passing by  Point Betsie lighthouse, we continued on into the Frankfort harbor.  After shopping in town, we found a few  treasures.   It’s a small world after all … we saw Jacob and Nellie (from Lakeshore Yacht Harbour) in town and plan to visit them this evening after dinner.


DSE_4578 Leaving LelandDSE_4579


Manitou PassageDSE_4582

South Manitou islandDSE_4591

Near Sleeping Bear dunes Panorama2

Point Betsie LighthouseDSE_4614 DSE_4615 DSE_4616 DSE_4618

Frankfort Harbor in the distanceDSE_4620

Frankfort Harbor LighthouseDSE_4622 DSE_4623 DSE_4627  Sanctuary tied up for the night.  Notice the Defever 46 Gypsea from Holland, Michigan in the background.


Day 27 – Beaver Island to Leland, Some Fog, The Bluebird, another beautiful sunset

We left Beaver Island after breakfast at the Dalwhinnie restaurant. They have their own bakery and bake excellent Cinnamon and Pecan rolls in addition to very good breakfast selections. Teresa had the Irish skillet and I had French toast, all were very good.

Leaving Beaver Island Harbor it was sunny and clear, but not too long after we were out into Lake Michigan the fog rolled in.  The visibility was 1/2 to 3/4 mile so it was not that severe.  The radar and GPS were greatly appreciated in those conditions.   Part way through the crossing, the fog lifted.   We eventually caught up to Jacob and Nellie who left the island two hours before us.

Tying up on the end dock, we had a great view of town and the manitou passage.  After the girls went shopping in town, we went to dinner at the BlueBird Restaurant.  As usual, the food was very good. Try the “BlueBird’ white fish if you are in the area.  After dinner we watched the “sunset movie” along with many people lining the shore and hill behind the marina.  I expect Sanctuary was in a few thousand pictures tonight with all the cameras and phones snapping pictures on shore.

DSE_4521 Breakfast on the porch at DalwhinnieDSE_4523 DSE_4524 DSE_4525

IMG_20140804_082258282_HDR[1] IMG_20140804_091332732[1]


Entering Leland HarborIMG_20140804_150700742[1]



DSE_4539 DSE_4541 DSE_4542

Sunset in LelandDSE_4552 DSE_4558 DSE_4562

Crowd on shore watching the sunsetDSE_4566 DSE_4570 DSE_4576View of the Manitou passage from the flybridge on Sanctuary.



Day 25/26 – From St.Ignace to Beaver Island, Under the Big Mac, Finally in Lake MI

We left St. Ignace for Beaver Island and plan to stay for two nights.  We crossed under the Big Mac bridge and FINALLY have Sanctuary back in Lake Michigan. Sanctuary is so excited to see the fresh clear blue water of northern Lake Michigan.

We’re also celebrating our 39th wedding anniversary on the Island.  We docked at Beaver Island Marine.  Henry and Mary  treated us to dinner at the family-owned Circle M restaurant to celebrate our anniversary, and it was very good.  If you’re on the island, be sure to eat there.  After dinner, the island treated us to an outdoor concert, complete with fireworks.

DSE_4374Brain and Pam’s boat docked at St. Ignace as we were leaving for Beaver.  They should be here on Beaver tomorrow.


DSE_4381 Sanctuary heads for the Big MacDSE_4383 DSE_4386 DSE_4389 DSE_4392 DSE_4393 DSE_4400 DSE_4401

Sanctuary is finally on Lake Michigan.


Light House at Grays ReefDSE_4422 DSE_4427 DSE_4432 DSE_4438 DSE_4446


Anniversary Dinner at Circle M restaurantDSE_4447


Beaver island Classic CarDSE_4450

Concert in the park on Beaver IslandDSE_4454 DSE_4455 DSE_4457 DSE_4460 DSE_4462 DSE_4464  Beaver Island sunsetDSE_4470


Tomorrow we plan to continue touring the island.



Day 23/24 – Alpena to St. Ignace, Some light houses, Some big waves, and friends greet us in port

We left Alpena headed north to Cheboygan or St. Ignace (whichever the wind & spirit took us) getting an early start at first light.  The lake remained calm for most of the day.  At the point to turn for Cheboygan or St. Ignace, conditions looked good to continue on and finish in St. Ignace where we were planning to meet family &  friends.

Once we were well into the pass between Bois Blanc island and the lower peninsula, the  wind and waves picked up.  At one point we got splashes all the way up to the flybridge creating a nice roller coaster ride.  I think Sanctuary still was thinking she was at Cedar Point in Sandusky. We slowed down and continued on. A smaller power boat followed us for a long way using us to break the waves for them.  Once through the pass and near the UP, we were sheltered from the waves.   In port Brian and Pam, and their crew Tim, met us on the dock. They announced that dinner was already planned for us–what a great surprise after a very long day on the water! It was great to see our LYH friends and share dinner & drinks with them in port.

This was Jeremy’s last day traveling with us.  his mom drove up and stayed overnight on the boat. This was Karen’s first sight of the boat and her first sleepover on Sanctuary. Jeremy’s leaving today. Henry and Mary are in route and plan to travel with us for the next leg of the journey.

We plan to stay in St. Ignace today and leave for Beaver Island tomorrow, of course, depending on the weather. Today it started out very foggy and still has some pockets of fog on the lake.


DSE_4331 Leaving AlpenaDSE_4333 DSE_4337Alpena harbor light


Middle Island Light House near AlpenaDSE_4347DSE_4350


DSE_4354 DSE_4356


DSE_4357 Presque Isle Light House

DSE_4369Sanctuary tied up for the night in St. Ignace


DSE_4372 Steve, Teresa, nephew Jeremy and (his mom) Karen — last day on board for Jeremy who heads home today.DSE_4371We will miss our first mate Jeremy! He was such a great help & companionship for us. (Plus, he did stuff Teresa didn’t want to do).