Day 23/24 – Alpena to St. Ignace, Some light houses, Some big waves, and friends greet us in port

We left Alpena headed north to Cheboygan or St. Ignace (whichever the wind & spirit took us) getting an early start at first light.  The lake remained calm for most of the day.  At the point to turn for Cheboygan or St. Ignace, conditions looked good to continue on and finish in St. Ignace where we were planning to meet family &  friends.

Once we were well into the pass between Bois Blanc island and the lower peninsula, the  wind and waves picked up.  At one point we got splashes all the way up to the flybridge creating a nice roller coaster ride.  I think Sanctuary still was thinking she was at Cedar Point in Sandusky. We slowed down and continued on. A smaller power boat followed us for a long way using us to break the waves for them.  Once through the pass and near the UP, we were sheltered from the waves.   In port Brian and Pam, and their crew Tim, met us on the dock. They announced that dinner was already planned for us–what a great surprise after a very long day on the water! It was great to see our LYH friends and share dinner & drinks with them in port.

This was Jeremy’s last day traveling with us.  his mom drove up and stayed overnight on the boat. This was Karen’s first sight of the boat and her first sleepover on Sanctuary. Jeremy’s leaving today. Henry and Mary are in route and plan to travel with us for the next leg of the journey.

We plan to stay in St. Ignace today and leave for Beaver Island tomorrow, of course, depending on the weather. Today it started out very foggy and still has some pockets of fog on the lake.


DSE_4331 Leaving AlpenaDSE_4333 DSE_4337Alpena harbor light


Middle Island Light House near AlpenaDSE_4347DSE_4350


DSE_4354 DSE_4356


DSE_4357 Presque Isle Light House

DSE_4369Sanctuary tied up for the night in St. Ignace


DSE_4372 Steve, Teresa, nephew Jeremy and (his mom) Karen — last day on board for Jeremy who heads home today.DSE_4371We will miss our first mate Jeremy! He was such a great help & companionship for us. (Plus, he did stuff Teresa didn’t want to do).

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