Day 25/26 – From St.Ignace to Beaver Island, Under the Big Mac, Finally in Lake MI

We left St. Ignace for Beaver Island and plan to stay for two nights.  We crossed under the Big Mac bridge and FINALLY have Sanctuary back in Lake Michigan. Sanctuary is so excited to see the fresh clear blue water of northern Lake Michigan.

We’re also celebrating our 39th wedding anniversary on the Island.  We docked at Beaver Island Marine.  Henry and Mary  treated us to dinner at the family-owned Circle M restaurant to celebrate our anniversary, and it was very good.  If you’re on the island, be sure to eat there.  After dinner, the island treated us to an outdoor concert, complete with fireworks.

DSE_4374Brain and Pam’s boat docked at St. Ignace as we were leaving for Beaver.  They should be here on Beaver tomorrow.


DSE_4381 Sanctuary heads for the Big MacDSE_4383 DSE_4386 DSE_4389 DSE_4392 DSE_4393 DSE_4400 DSE_4401

Sanctuary is finally on Lake Michigan.


Light House at Grays ReefDSE_4422 DSE_4427 DSE_4432 DSE_4438 DSE_4446


Anniversary Dinner at Circle M restaurantDSE_4447


Beaver island Classic CarDSE_4450

Concert in the park on Beaver IslandDSE_4454 DSE_4455 DSE_4457 DSE_4460 DSE_4462 DSE_4464  Beaver Island sunsetDSE_4470


Tomorrow we plan to continue touring the island.



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