Touring the Frankfort Area

Yesterday we took a ride on our tandem bicycle to Crystal Lake.   The Betsie Valley trail is a nice trail that starts here in Frankfort and continues past Crystal Lake to Beulah. The trail is paved with smaller hills.

Betsie Valley Trail


Snake grass along the trail Snake Grass



We stopped at Crystal Lake for a refreshing swim. Crystal Lake is an amazing deep blue color and very clear as the name suggests. It is over 170’ deep in places.


S and T Crystal Lake Crystal Lake 2

Crystal Lake





Another sunset……

Sunset Frankfort 2




Due to high winds and bigger waves than the admiral finds acceptable, we stayed in port today.   This gave us the opportunity to take pictures of the waves breaking over the pier and later jump the waves refreshing our bodies from the heat.


Frankfort Lighthouse with wave 2 Frankfort Lighthouse with big wave Coast Guard Boat Fankfort Coast Guard Boat Fankfort 2 Waves at FrankfortBeach

After having fun jumping the waves, we treated ourselves to dinner out at the “Fusion Restaurant” on their deck overlooking the marina. They offer a mix of Asian and Chinese foods.

Teresa had Pad Thai and I had General Tso Chicken; both very tasty.

S and T at the Fusion Restaurant




Sunset at Jacobsons Marina Resort

Jacobsons Sanctuary

Sanctuary night lites.


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