Crossed the Big Lake and now docked in Chicago, just off Lakeshore Dr.

We left Saugatuck for Chicago early yesterday. The crossing was uneventful but somewhat rough for a few hours mid day, when the 3’+ waves were on the beam. We changed course for a more comfortable ride, until the wind and waves were reduced and we got back on course, arriving in Chicago around 6 pm.

More details and pictures to follow soon …







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  1. Gareth Morgan
    Gareth Morgan says:

    Dear Sanctuary Adventurers.

    I own half of Spartini , the sailboat moored in slip 6 opposite you at Lakeshore. Unfortunately , living in Indiana , don’t visit Muskegon often. But, fortunately for me,was there 2 days ago to blow our horn in admiration as you departed . It was a memorable moment to see the two boats in your flotilla leaving the dock and then becoming small specks as you entered the channel to The Big Lake. It came to my mind that maybe you felt a little like The Pilgrims ,as they started their journey, filled with hope, into the unknown. I certainly wish you fair winds, blue skies and a safe passage. Will be following your blog with great interest.

    Best Gareth

    • Teresa Lasher
      Teresa Lasher says:

      Steve & I were so glad you were present to blow your horn as we departed LYH. I like the analogy of The Pilgrims, going forth in foreign, unknown lands. We appreciate the hope and wish of fair winds, blue skies, and a safe passage. Blessings, T & S


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