Tomorrow the plan is to start down the rivers

We enter the river, just north of the DuSable Marina where we are tonight.  There is a lock with about a 1 foot drop to the river. The river will take us right through the heart of Chicago under many bridges.

The mast and antennas are lowered to get under the bridges.  While staying in Chicago, we toured Navy pier, rode the 200 foot tall Ferris wheel, and much more.

The first two nights we stayed on the wall in Monroe harbor next to the Chicago Yacht Club.  We toured the Columbia Yacht Club which is an old ship with a stately interior. We had lunch in the bar which has mahogany counters and lots of shinny brass.

We are seeing lots of loopers in the area.

Tomorrow Amanda leaves to go back to Grand Rapids. It was an unexpected treat for her to be able to travel with us.  When her ride to Grand Rapids fell through, we got an extra day with her.  We did not know she would be able to go with us, but it worked out great for her to spend some time traveling on the boat.  It will be sad to see her leave.




Inside the Columbia Yacht Club


Henry driving the ship


The bow of the ship that house the Columbia Yacht Club


Entry to Columbia Yacht Club

DSE_2675 DSE_2673 Resized_20160905_130652Resized_20160905_132324
DSE_2662 DSE_2657





Panorama from Columbia Bridge




Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier


View from Ferris wheel

DSE_2686 DSE_2693 DSE_2697




Sanctuary in Chicago



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