Today we are in Ottawa IL

We traveled yesterday from Joliet to Ottawa IL.   We had a long wait at the Marseilles Lock, so we tied up to a barge with three other loopers and had “Locktails.”  We had planned to travel south today, but were told there was a 4 hour wait at the Starved Rock Lock.  It was raining this morning and I wanted to be able to photograph the Starved Rock limes stone cliffs as we went by, so we are waiting till tomorrow.  We saw White Pelicans on the trip yesterday, and found out that a group of them is called a pod.

This was the view from our boat on the wall in Joliet.

Pusher Tugs at Joliet

Pusher Tugs at Joliet



Teresa attaching a line to the Bollard in the lock.

The bollards are in the wall of the locks.   The post is attached to a large cylinder that floats up and down with the water level.

You tie to the post to keep the boat next to the wall as the lock fills or drains.



At the top of the lock waiting to be lowered to the river below the dam



Midway down the lock



Lowered all the way lock gates open ready to travel on.



Pusher tug on river with pilot house raised, when they are not pushing or need to go under a bridge, it can be lowered.



Floating cottages along the river




Deer visiting the lock


We are staying tonight in Ottawa IL, and plan to travel south tomorrow.


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