From Ottawa IL to Peoria IL and the Bluffs at Buffalo Rock State Park

Today our journey started out cool, but very clear.   It was a beautiful travel day, clear blue sky with just a few white puffy clouds.

Since we stayed over yesterday, we toured the limestone cliffs of Buffalo Rock State Park getting up very close in the dinghy.  Along the way to the  park area, we saw a number of white pelicans. At first sight, we thought: this could not be pelicans–we are in Illinois, but sure enough–they were pelicans!

There were not any long lock delays today. We only had one lock to pass through today with only a few minutes wait for it to fill so we could enter and lock through.  The rest of the day was clear “sailing” covering about 70 miles. The heat and humidity weren’t as high making the trip a pleasant one.



A pod of white Pelicans



Bluffs at Buffalo Rock State Park



White Pelicans in flight



Bluffs at Buffalo Rock State Park


Waterfall on the Bluffs at Buffalo Rock State Park



Water running down Bluffs at Buffalo Rock State Park



Bluffs at Buffalo Rock State Park



Up close to the Bluffs at Buffalo Rock State Park



More bluffs at Buffalo Rock State Park



Sun rise and Sanctuary at Ottawa IL



The water is very high with lots of minor flooding along the Illinois River. The good thing for us is that it means more current pushing us along. The bad part is there are lots of floating logs, trees and sticks to try and avoid.



Illinois River


Many river barges and pushers on the river


Crossing Peoria Lake, it is very wide but only about 3 foot deep outside the channel



Twin Bridge spanning river


Tonight Sanctuary at Eastport Marina. Another DeFever Life’s Travails  pulled in at the same time as us



Eastport Marina, Peoria Illinois — many friendly hands helped us snug into slip #3 dock



Sunset over Marina





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