From Hoppies in Kimmswick to Kaskaskia lock and dam

We continued south on the Mississippi yesterday, headed for Kaskaskia Lock and dam.   There is a wall here that traveling boats tie up to.  They said there was space for three on the wall, but we shoe horned four into the space and got two more tied off on the fuel barge.  The amount of logs and debris was not bad today; thankfully there weren’t many barges.One in particular  was pushing a long line of barges up the river giving us a huge wake.   It felt like we were out on Lake Michigan in 3 to 4’ rollers after it went by. Consequently, it rearranged everything that was not tied down.

One section of the river we were warned there would be a lot of turbulence. That proved to be an understatement.   The Core of Engineers has added Wing dams,  Weir dykes, Jetties, Bend wiers and normal dams.   Some of the structures are completely under water and the boats travel over safely, some come out from shore up to 300’ and you must avoid them.   The area where the most turbulence was (mile 130) had the kind of structures you travel over, but they create swirling water, like giant whirlpools pushing the boat from side to side making it impossible to steer a straight line.  As you travel the rivers and follow the charts for them, the charts have mile indicators just like on the interstate highways.

Today we are waiting for the fog to clear, then we plan to travel to an anchorage south of here called Little River Diversion Channel (at mile 48.8).



Froggies at Hoppies



Post Office in Kimmswick



Conducting real business at the Post Office in Kimmswick



Sitting with the mayor of Kimmswick in front of the post office



Teresa had to visit the “library”




One of the many interesting old buildings in Kimmswick. Tiny, quaint and friendly town. Wishing we had more time to go exploring.



MeeMaw’s cabin — this one’s for you, sis!



City Hall




Last Call and Glorious Dei at Hoppies



Leaving Hoppies Marina



Lots of sticks, logs and debris trapped by barges. When they move the barges, the debris is released creating large islands of hazardous moving junk.



Tied up at Kaskaskia Lock and Dam–Sanctuary is the 2nd from the front of the line up.



Tied up at Kaskaskia Lock and Dam



Foggy morning, tied up at Kaskaskia Lock and Dam waiting for fog to clear



Foggy morning, tied up at Kaskaskia Lock and Dam waiting for a go-ahead with a fog clearing.


Later today, we plan to travel south to the Little River Diversion Channel and anchor for the night.


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