Green Turtle Bay Marina Resort to Kentucky Lake

We finally escaped Green Turtle Bay and after 8 days, it was agreed: time to move on.  We enjoyed our time there and took in a number of local activities.  One was the local play house, Badgett Playhouse, which was playing   “The Sounds of Memphis – the rhythm, the blues, the king.”   We enjoyed the musical very much and has been held over for a number of weeks.   They played tributes to Johnny Cash, Otis Redding, Elvis, and many, many more.  The players and audience really get into their music–talk about enthusiastic, get-down, and get excited. What a lively bunch! Teresa decided she lives in the wrong part of the country—this is her type of music. Says she could live on a steady diet of the music and good ole Southern cooking! Especially touching, was their ending tribute to veterans and those serving in service for our country.

We toured town on a golf cart.   Visited the “Pink Tractor”–a ladies clothing store and Teresa just had to climb aboard the pink tractor out front.   Visiting the local bait shop was an experience which included, pet lizards, huge frogs, and lots of unique stuff.  The area outside around Patti’s 1800’s Settlement had many old buildings, shops, and unique bird houses.

On Sunday, we went to a local Missionary Baptist Church. The congregation was very friendly, and the pastor started out by saying   ”Good mornin’ and how are y’all today?”  Singing from an actual hymnal felts like we went back in time a number of years.  Our home church mainly sings praise songs, choruses or has the words for the hymns on the screen.   Teresa gave the pastor a copy of her book “Life is: Good, Fragile, Precious—Loving yourself so you can love others” for the church library, and he was excited to read it.

Once out of Green Turtle Bay, we traveled through the channel, from Lake Barkley to Kentucky Lake.  The two “lakes” which are really dammed up rivers (the Cumberland and the Tennessee) surround the area called “Land Between The Lakes,”   which is a National Recreation Area.   All along the “Land Between The Lakes” are a number of small bays and inlets that make good anchorages.   We traveled to Pisgah Bay and plan to spend a couple nights anchored here. When we leave, we will keep moving south from one anchorage area to another.

The anchorage is very quiet and secluded.  There is a camp ground at either end of the bay.   Teresa and I tried our hand at fishing and caught some striped bass. Even though they weren’t terribly big, they were fighters! Once the clouds cleared last night, it was great to see all the stars.  They are much more vivid away from all the lights of a city area.




Bird Houses at Patti’s 1800’s Settlement


Bird Houses at Patti’s 1800’s Settlement



Steve and Teresa at GTB


The Sounds Of Memphis Musical at Badgett Playhouse


Sights around Grand Rivers




Leaving GTB



Leaving GTB


Rocky Shore of Pisgah Bay


The Quarry in Pisgah Bay







Starry Night in Pisgah Bay


Fishing in Pisgah Bay



Sanctuary in Pisgah Bay on Kentucky Lake part of the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area


Sanctuary in Pisgah Bay on Kentucky Lake part of the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area


We plan to stay here another night and then move south to another bay and spend a night or two there and then repeat.  There are many bays to check out on the Lake.



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