Kentucky Lake – Another day another bay……….

There are so many interesting bays all along the “Land Between the Lakes” that create good anchorages.  We left Pisgah Bay and went to Sugar Bay followed by Panther Bay.   Leaving Sugar Bay, the wind was blowing quite strong from the south and we saw the first waves and white caps since leaving Lake Michigan.  While they were only 2’ or so, it was a change from the recent rivers.  Kentucky Lake is a few miles wide at this point so the waves have a distance to build.

After a couple nights in Panther Bay, we plan to move to Richardson Bay and then on to Pebble Isle Marina.  Both Sugar and Panther have simple rustic campgrounds where we took the dinghy to shore and explored.   In Panther Bay, we have been watching Eagles, Blue Heron and Great White Egrets.  We also fished some and caught small striped bass.  At sunset, we tossed our lines in the water and surprisingly caught striped bass one after another! The bays and anchorages are so peaceful and quiet making them a good place to relax and just chill.

Panther Bay is the most remote and quiet of all the bays so far. After the star constellations appeared, we sat on the bow of the boat marveling at their individuality and brightness. With no other buildings, people, or outside artificial lighting, the sky lights up with spectacular brilliance! The virgin sky view reminds us of fond times anchored outside of South Manitou Island in Upper Michigan.


Leaving Pisgah Bay hitting waves on Kentucky Lake


Steve and Teresa on the Great Loop 2016



Steve and Teresa on the Great Loop 2016

Celebrating Mary’s (from Jaycie Lynn) Birthday on Sanctuary



Sanctuary anchored in Sugar Bay



Small Stripped Bass in Panther Bay

Some of the Birds along the shore

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Sunsets and Sunrises so beautiful on the bays

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