Kentucky Lake ends, we are now on the Tennessee River/ Pickwick Lake

We reached the end of Kentucky Lake and are continuing south on the Tennessee River.  There was not a dramatic change just a gradual narrowing because Kentucky Lake is really just the backed up Tennessee River due to the dams built near Grand Rivers, Kentucky.

At Double Island anchorage, one of the other loopers saw armadillos on the shore. We continue to hear owls calling back and forth and coyotes bickering along the shore. Blue Heron get exasperated with us if we come near their spot and squawk as they ascend from their comfy perches on the water.

After anchoring for almost a week, it was nice to arrive at Pebble Isle Marina.   It was also time to celebrate Teresa’s Birthday.   She’s so appreciative of singing birthday greetings, texts, and FB notes wishing her the best. The staff at the marina also helped make it a special day for her.   Billy saved back cinnamon rolls for her.   The most special thing was that she got a call announcing a delivery for her.   Not long after that Tammy came down the dock with a BEAUTIFUL bouquet of flowers.    Our daughter, Amanda, got the information from Teresa of where we were going to be and called to have a local florist deliver the bouquet.   She also had a special dinner at the restaurant “Grey Heron Grill” at the marina.   Scott and Mary from “Jaycie Lynn” treated us to a great birthday meal there.   She felt the love even miles away from family and friends!

Sunday morning we went to a local church where Teresa gave the pastor a copy of her book.   The pastor’s family was part of the music worship team–his wife led singing, his son played guitar and daughter in-law sang.  It was a great worship time.   After church, we picked up groceries. When we returned to the marina, there stood the pastor at the top of the ramp overlooking the marina.   He and his family sometimes ate at the “Grey Heron Grill” sometimes.  Pastor Carlton got a boat tour and he introduced the rest of the family.

The staff (family-run) and harbor master (Billy) really work hard to make the marina a fun place.  The fuel is also low priced.  If you are in the area, we’d highly recommend a stay at Pebble Isle!   Before leaving the marina, Teresa presented Billy with a copy of her book to share with marina staff.

The river is getting more curved and there are more hills along the shore.  We had to wait behind one of the curves for a tow and barge group to pass.  There have been a lot of impressive houses on the hills along this section of the river.   All the ones near the river are built on stilts, due to potential flooding.

From there we stayed at a few anchorages, and last night “Last Call” caught up with us.    We enjoyed seeing them again around the camp fire and toasted s’mores on the small island here in the anchorage.  They will be going on to a marina while we will continue on to an anchorage nearer to Joe Wheeler State park where the AGLCA Rendezvous is planned.

We went through the Pickwick Lock today which was the largest lift so far.  It lifted the boat 55’.   Once through the lock, we were on Pickwick Lake and enjoyed the wide open spaces instead of the narrow river.

Tonight we are anchored in small harbor called Rock Pile.   The entrance is marked by three piles of rocks–hence the name.  Nice secluded anchorage.



Teresa Driving past barges


Old RR Bridge abandoned when area was flooded by the creation of the lake when the dam was built.


Old RR Bridge abandoned when area was flooded by the creation of the lake when the dam was built.


Old Grain elevator abandoned when area was flooded by the creation of the lake when the dam was built.


Scenes along he River


Houses along the rivers


Eagle we saw in Panther Bay



Building on cliff – Maybe that was a bad idea…..



Building on cliff – Maybe that was a bad idea…..

Pebble Isle our favorite marina so far.

The cinnamon rolls are fantastic



Teresa Birthday Flowers – delivery to marina


Teresa Birthday Flowers – delivery to marina

House used by Grant during Civil War


Shores of the anchorage at Wolf island

The Pickwick Lock a large lift of 55′ the largest so far.


Anchored tonight on Pickwick Lake, tomorrow we keep moving toward Joe Wheeler State Parkhouse-along-the-tennesse-river-boat-ramp-garage-3


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  1. Holly France-schwartz
    Holly France-schwartz says:

    I’ve really enjoyed reading your entries on your blog and of course following you on Facebook. With social media these days nothing is a secret anymore ~ everything is out there for the world to see. I wanted to personally thank you for your post card that you sent me the other day ~ I loved it and will cherish it for years to come! I’m not sure if you were aware that South Carolina & North Carolina were hit with “Hurricane Matthew” just the other day and will be experiencing cresting problems in the rivers in days to come. Hopefully, that won’t be any problems for you and Steve in your travels.

  2. Teresa Lasher
    Teresa Lasher says:

    So glad you got my postcard and loved it.

    Yes, we are aware the SC and NC were hit and others along the eastern coast. We were not affected by the hurricane and will travel the east coast in the late spring. We were thankful the damage was less than expected.

    Continue watching us as we travel southward. Blessings, Teresa & Steve


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