More Dolphins and Final Preparations for the Crossing of the Gulf

We delayed the crossing by one day and traveled to Carrabelle.  The weather window looked good for another day and it allowed more boats to join the group.   We actually will be accompanied by Last Call (Scott and Karen Devoll) who left Muskegon with us.  Along the trip, we have separated and rejoined a few times, but they were behind us last week and it did not look like they would make it to join us for this crossing. The Low Place, Racals Retreat, Robin’s Nest, Southern Cross will also be with us.

In Apalachicola,  we enjoyed oysters.   Teresa even tried them in an omelet for breakfast (she can now check that box!)  The town is very quaint with a lot of nice shops.  The most interesting was the Tin Shed–an eclectic collection of antiques, old nautical equipment and gift items.

On the way into Carrabelle, we enjoyed another dolphin escort. They are so much fun to watch and seem to love running just in front of the bow in the waves created by Sanctuary. 

The crossing will be over a 120 nautical miles from Carrabelle.   Six boats plan to cross tonight.   It will take 20+ hours. We will leave at 4 pm today, planning to arrive in Tarpon Springs after 10 am tomorrow.   You need to enter the port in daylight in order to best see obstructions and crab pot floats.   Crab pot floats appear sprinkled all over in the shallow water of the entry. Their line dangles under water attached to the trap. They can be difficult to spot atop the waters, especially when you don’t expect them to appear.

We have snacks, meals (Chicken Jambalya, Pecan Pie muffins and hard-boiled eggs), and a detailed plan for the crossing.

The next post will be after the crossing, so it may be delayed a day while we rest from the all-nighter.   Keep us and the group in your thoughts and prayers as we undertake the open water crossing.




The Tin Shed






Fishing boat at Carrabelle



Sanctuary at Carrabelle getting ready for crossing

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  1. Christy Ham
    Christy Ham says:

    Thanks for sharing your progress and experiences. God bless you with safety.
    FYI. It snowed here this morning! Just a little but our warm fall weather seems to be at an end.
    Happy Thanksgiving too.

  2. Teresa Lasher
    Teresa Lasher says:

    Glad you’re able to follow us! So weird to be eating outdoors on Thanksgiving. Steve even jumped in the pool!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours. Thanks for the blessing of safety.

    Hugs & Blessings,
    Teresa & Stevr


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