Safely across the Gulf – The Big Crossing Complete

We encountered a few waves leaving the East Pass from Carrabrelle.   It was incoming tide and with wind on the bow.   I estimate about 6 to 8  mph for wind speed.   My wind meter does not compensate for boat speed, but it was saying 12 or so……  Later the wind was down to almost nothing.  Nice warm night in the 70’s   (our reference is Lake Michigan and even in July it is cold at night)
We saw 1-2′ waves with an occasional 3′  for the first few hours on the bow.   Good travel conditions and even better later when it was down to about a 6″ chop.    The moon  came up around 10 pm and it was beautiful.
6 boats traveled together for this crossing,   Last Call,   Lower Place, Rascals Retreat, Robins Nest, Southern Cross, and Sanctuary.   We negotiated the travel speed, travel channel, and spacing plan in advance.   We kept  a couple boats  adjacent in the center of the pack.    We did hourly radio call ins, and each boat provided a topic/question.   Like first car, why your boat name,  trivia, where born, most interesting wild life seen on trip, favorite quote, etc……..     
No boat issues, except one crab pot snag, which was easily cut loose.
We are now resting in Tarpon Springs for a week, then on to Marker 1 in Dunedin.




Loopers on the Gulf



Sun Rise on the Gulf



The Finish Mark

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