Thanksgiving by the pool outdoors and Amanda’s arrival!

After we hung out for a bit in Tarpon Springs, our daughter Amanda arrived to visit for Thanksgiving.  We gathered with a group of loopers by the marina clubhouse and pool.  Imagine actually eating Thanksgiving Day dinner outside in short sleeves and sandals—something we have never done in Michigan.  [Sorry, we heard Michigan’s weather proved a bit dismal and wet. The day Amanda flew south, icy rain descended from above.] Steve and Scott (from Last Call) even jumped in the pool and hot tub after our pilgrim delicious potluck meal. Who says you can’t bake turkey, dressing, gravy, potatoes, etc., in a boat?

We explored Tarpon Springs, visiting the sponge docks, the museum at Stafford House, manatee area, antique shops, and much more.  Harbor Host, Herb, has a link to the local fishermen and boats purchased fresh Stone Crab Claws for us and fresh shrimp from other local fishermen.  Much to wet the palette here with gyros, shrimp, MANY types of seafood—even octopus (no, not us!) A trip to Tarpon Springs is highly recommended … the area abounds with Greek history, picturesque bayous, tourist shops, and don’t forget the historic district. Good news: bicycling allows easy access to all these locations.




Sanctuary and Last Call at Turtle Cove in Tarpon Springs



Looper Thanksgiving



Sponge Boat in Tarpon Springs


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