Fort Myers Beach, and Naples

We have anchored many times, but never used a mooring ball before arriving at Fort Myers Beach.  We pulled up and Teresa grabbed the loop of the mooring ball first try. We then tied off and were secure for the night.   Lots easier than docking or anchoring.    Mark and Karen from Captains Choice were in the area and met us on shore.  We first met them in Chicago and have crossed paths off and on ever since.  Before we crossed the gulf, we last saw them in Panama City. We walked our Fort Myers Beach and visited the sea shore area that is called “Times Square” which has many shops and eateries.  As we walked the long fishing pier, we marveled at the sunset along with many other onlookers.

Before leaving the area, we motored over to Ballard Oil, a place where commercial vessels use due to their cheaper diesel prices. Going there proved to be quite the experience—a good one, but an experience just meeting their staff. Tommy has worked for Ballard for 23 years, before that he was a shrimper for 28 years. Teresa knew she’d enjoyed talking with him when his reply to her question of how he was doing was,

“Can’t complain. Beats looking up at the sunshine through the grass!”

In addition to pumping fuel, shrimping, Tommy has done welding, roofing, carpentry. He even owned a houseboat at one time.

From there, we traveled a short distance out in the gulf to Naples.  We are no longer traveling in the ICW.   Each trip now is out in the gulf to the next inlet or harbor.    We met up with Henk and Thressa from Lakeshore Yacht Harbour in Naples.   They are staying on Marco Island with another couple (Stan and Maija) also from Lakeshore Yacht Harbour. The six of us enjoyed a very nice dinner in Naples at the Boathouse. It was great to connect with familiar faces and catch up on life.

Having our tandem bicycle along has proven to be beneficial. We also use our single bikes depending on if we are docked or anchored out. Today we rode our tandem out to Naples beach which is not a long trip. Naples has quite a few public access places which is nice for those of us who do not own property right on the water. Even though this is not a weekend, the beach was full. Every day is Saturday around here, or so it seems.

After our bike ride, we received word that Bob and Nancy and Greg and Pam planned to visit us after their tour of Key West. The six of us enjoyed pizza at a nearby restaurant. Felt like old times back at Lakeshore Yacht Harbour! It’s great to mix in a few familiar faces with new ones we meet all along the journey.

The Naples City Dock is going to undergo complete reconstruction later this year.  I am sure the docks will be nicer but it will lose the quaint nostalgic look that it has today.



Mooring ball hooked up at Ft Myers Beach.



Mark and Karen from Captains Choice visit us in Ft Myers Beach



Sunset at the pier at Ft Myers Beach



Sunset at the pier at Ft Myers Beach



Tall ship next to bridge at Ft Myers Beach


Shrimp Boats at Ft Myers Beach 



Ballard Oil Ft Myers Beach – lowest prices for fuel…..



Sanibel Lighthouse as we left Ft Myers Beach




Dolphin visits again…….



Osprey nest on marker



Scenes from Naples



LYH crew at Dinner in Naples



LYH crew in Naples




LYH crew in Naples




Naples Pier at the beach



Naples Pier from below



Naples Beach




Scene from Naples City Dock

Sanctuary at Naples City Dock



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