Beaufort South Carolina, Friends Visit, and Where is the Basement?

The next stop planned: to stay a couple days in beautiful Beaufort South Carolina, which is pronounced like beautiful not like the word bow.  The town of Beaufort in North Carolina is pronounced like bow, so its beau-fort SC and bow-fort NC even though they are spelled the same.  The tide changes are still strange to us. They can range up to 8 feet in these parts. Most docks are floating docks which allow boat lines to rise and fall with the changing tide levels otherwise they would need to be adjusted periodically throughout the day.

Rob and Bonnie Hess, friends from Erie PA, were visiting one of their sons (wife and grandkids) in Florida, so we planned a rendezvous with them on their return trip north.   We walked around Beaufort investigating the old southern mansions, very old churches, and then had dinner at Luther’s which had a special of ½ price burgers.  Later that night, thunderstorms and possible tornadoes were predicted.   When there was a tornado warning issued, everyone asked where our basement was located.  I told them it was the engine room. Not everyone thought that was a good idea.   As it turned out, there was heavy rain and lots of wind but not any severe weather in our area. Good thing because 4 adults in the basement (a.k.a. engine room) would be mighty crowded!

There is a nice book store in Beaufort (The Beaufort Bookstore), where Teresa spent a lot of time hanging out. The first time her friend Joan from Panache went with her. When Bonnie came to town, of course she had to introduce her to the bookstore and owner.

If you are in Beaufort at breakfast time, be sure and visit Blackstone’s. They have wonderful food and personalized service.   Steve ordered Cajun shrimp and grits which tasted fantastic.   They have a tradition every day at 8:00 AM when they recite the pledge of allegiance to the flag.  They call out to everyone and ask them to stand for the pledge.  The staff then leads everyone in reciting the pledge.  One day a week a local pastor come in and delivers a prayer after the pledge.

On Friday, Beaufort hosted an art walk.   They offered free snacks and beverages which naturally attracts the attention of loopers.   A bunch of the loopers at the marina, and from the marina from the other side of the bay, gathered together for the art walk.  It was fun looking at the art while touring and talking with other loopers (Bucket List, Captain’s Choice, Panache, and Tranquilly III). We even bought a couple of small pieces for home—one features a dolphin and the other a shrimp boat.

The morning we planned to leave was the beginning of a Red Fish Fishing Tournament.  It was a good thing we planned to be up early because all the activity would have everyone awake anyway.  They had count downs, singing national anthem, announcements and lot of fishing boats.

Our next stop is Charleston where there is a lot to do and see, so Charleston will be in the next blog posting.

Houses of Beaufort SC

In the South Carolina area the tides are 7′ to 8′, meaning the water level change can be very dramatic. and some of the currents caused by the tides are very strong.  Here is an example from the marina.  The shells on the pilings are below water at high tide and about 7′ of them exposed at high tide.



Churches of Beaufort SC

Loopers visit art walk in Beaufort SC


Book Store

Beaufort Marina



The girls got to go shopping


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