Atlantic Yacht Basin, a quick trip home, and on to Minnesota

From Belhaven, we traveled to Alligator River and then on to Chesapeake near Norfolk VA.   The trip was smooth and uneventful along the water ways.  A nice contrast to the last few days.  While we were at Belhaven, there was a severe storm in the night.  The wind blew from the east at over 40 and then switched around and blew over 40 from the west.   A sail on the boat behind us started to tear loose, so we worked to tie it up to keep it from doing more damage. After all that, we were thankful for a few calm days.

The plan was to leave the boat at Atlantic Yacht Basin (AYB) and rent a car to travel back to Michigan.   We planned to drive so we could off load several things picked up along the trip.  It was great to visit with friends and family back at home.   After a few days at home, we traveled to Minnesota to visit the grand kids.  The grand kids were having a dance performance and Nanna told Liberty that this year we were coming to see the recital in person.  Two of the grand kids and their parents were all in the dance performance.  We had a delightful time seeing the performance, going hiking, eating ice cream and s’mores, and experiencing a couple cookouts while visiting the grandkids.

After the visit in Minnesota, we drove home, and then flew back to Norfolk.  We had scheduled a quick haul and bottom wash at AYB to have the running gear and underwater zincs checked.  So out of the water onto the travel lift came Sanctuary.   Everything looked good except one of the zincs needed to be replaced.  When you have dissimilar metals in water and especially in salt water, they will corrode by a process called electrolysis.  If you put a sacrificial metal (zinc) on your under-water metal, the sacrificial metal (zinc) will dissolve, protecting your bronze propellers and stainless steel shafts.   With a clean bottom and new zinc, Sanctuary went back in the water ready to continue the journey.

While here at AYB, a fellow Looper, Susan from Suzy Q was hit in the night by a barge crushing her against the T-dock. Fortunately, she was not in her boat at the time so she was not injured. She’s understandably shook up. Susan just began the Great Loop 21 days ago single-handed. The barge company admits full responsibility and is paying for a room, food, and clothing for her in the interim. She’s in need of prayer as she navigates through the many tough decisions she needs to make.

At AYB, there are many unique and interesting boats to look at.   This boat yard specializes in taking care of many older one-of-a-kind boats.   They have a track type lift that can pull very large boats out of the water.  While we were at AYB, there was one on that lift that measured at least 100’ long.  The storage buildings are over water and the boats are pulled into the sheds.  After the haul-out, we were directed to dock Sanctuary inside one of the buildings, which worked out well because it has been raining for a couple days and more rain was predicted.


Dock at AYB where Sanctuary stayed while we went home


Spring has sprung up north

Visits with Amanda

Grand Kids Dance Performance in Minnesota


S’mores by the fire pit

Fire pit to cook S’mores



Some of the unique boats at AYB

Sanctuary gets a lift



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