Canada Day Celebrations

From Prinyers Cove, we traveled a short distance to Picton and docked at Tip of the Bay Marina.   There is a lot of flooding on Lake Ontario because the water level is about 3 feet above normal.  Many marinas on Lake Ontario are closed because their docks are under water.  Picton has a nice shopping district and is where we tasted our first Canadian butter tart.  How many of you recognize this cubical glassed in structure with a phone inside? We spotted this booth at the Picton Marina— something we have not seen in a while.

Waiting out rain storm


Rainbow after the storm

High water at Picton


We traveled from Prinyers Cove to Belleville (Crates-Belleville Marina) and then on to Trenton.   Trenton has a new marina called Trent Marina and the facilities are fantastic!   They have new floating docks and the nicest club house bathrooms we have seen on the trip.

Our Looper peeps did their homework to search out a logical, location to celebrate Canada Day—and we found just the right place! July 1 is Canada Day and we celebrated with the Canadians on their 150-year anniversary with competitions in the park, craft and food vendors, community bands, concert stage, and much more to see and do.   Boy, do they know how to celebrate in style with good, clean, family fun! The celebrations included strongman competitions where contestants pulled a huge tow truck and later threw heavy kegs over a tall goal post. There was a fireman competition, where in full gear, they climbed flights of stairs caring a 42-lb. fire hose, then pulled up another hose with a rope, used a sledge hammer to move a heavy weight, ran to hit a target with a full fire hose, then pulled a 165-lb. dummy to the finish line.  The celebration was complete with an outstanding display of fireworks over the bay.   The fireworks displayed directly in front of the marina, so we watched them from the deck of our boat right at the dock.  What a great day of celebrating with the Canadians!


Celebrating Canada Day

Celebrating Canada Day Fire Works at Trent Port Marina – Trenton Canada


Dave and Colleen with Canada flag and all the states from the trip



Kim Russo from AGLCA and Mike from the Perch with Teresa and her book


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