Our Visit to The North Channel

Baie Fine Shoreline Panorama


From Killarney, we traveled to Baie Fine which is a spectacular bay to visit.  We anchored in the pool at the end of the bay.  From the anchorage, you can explore Artists Creek, climb the mountain to see Lake Topaz, and much more.   Steve climbed down to the lake for a swim.  We were able to build a camp fire on shore and cook s’mores over the open flame.  Swimming, kayaking, hiking, and dinghy exploring are just a few of the possibilities available. Be forewarned: the mosquitoes and black flies are active both night and day!

Leaving Baie Fine, we traveled to Little Current.  The swing bridge at Little Current only opens on the hour.   Getting through there with the current pushing the boat and lots of other boats crowding in was not the most fun experience.   While in Little Current, we visited the studio/conference room where the North Channel Cruisers net is broadcast from.  We met Roy in person who is the narrator for the cruisers net.  Every day in July and August, Roy transmits the weather and news updates on VHF radio channel 71 which is followed up by cruisers calling in from the area with their location.   Since that day was our 42nd anniversary, Roy announced over the net that we were there in person celebrating our anniversary.

While in Little Current, Gary Harkins/Cygnus (a friend of our friends, Bob & Vicki) met with us to share some of the local knowledge of the area. He has been sailing the North Channel for years now and proved a valuable resource for must-see spots.

We left Little Current for Clapperton Island where we were treated by a Loon family (two babies and a pair of adult Loons) swimming and feeding.  The adults kept catching small fish and bringing them to the babies.  We love hearing the Loons call, but it was even better seeing the Loon family up close.   Dave and Collen were there from Minnesota which has the Loon as its state bird.   What a treat for us all to watch them in the bay! We did some exploring in the dinghy around Harbor Island where we saw from shore the dilapidation of what was once an exclusive resort. So sad to see the resort in its current state of neglect.

Kagawong has two special landmarks: a chocolate factory and Bridal Veil Falls.  We hiked to the water falls and swam in the pool and under the falls.  On the way back to town, we stopped at the chocolate factory for a treat.  We stayed at the Kagawong Marina in Mudge Bay.

Eagle Island was our next anchorage; followed by Bear Drop Anchorage.  Bear Drop was the more spectacular of the two.   It has tall rock hills, blueberries for picking, and lots of little islands to explore.  We spotted two snakes while on the rocks and reaching down for blueberries. Most of us were not so happy about this sighting and glad the snakes kept their distance for the most part!


Thesssalon Marina – Sanctuary Moon Shadow Southern Cross – Last time all three on same dock……..


Thessalon Post office with Teresa, Colleen, and Cathy

Our last stop in Canada was Thessalon City Marina.  We tried to spend the last of our Canadian cash there, but it was a holiday and most things were closed. The girls had exactly 21 minutes before the gift shop closed—hardly enough time to do much damage. A spectacular sunset was our reward in the evening highlighted by a orange moon. Sanctuary performed a 360 degree turn in the water when we hit the USA. Steve played the Star Spangled Banner and all of us were doing a Happy Dance!!! So good to be back home again! A pair of sandhill cranes flew right in front of us soon after entry back in to the US as if to welcome us home again.

Back in the USA track on plotter

We were privileged to travel with Moon Shadow and Southern Cross most of the time through Canada.  Collen compiled the list below, which matches our visit, so I borrowed it from their blog.

Thank you, Canada, for a wonderful and memorable six weeks!

  • June 27- We entered Canada at Prinyers Cove/ Picton area.
  • Celebrated Canada’s 150th in Trenton,
  • Entered the Trent Severn Water way. (44 locks)
  • We have completed about 110 locks on the loop
  • We enjoyed the fourth of July in Campbellford with red white and blue cupcakes
  • Enjoyed the hospitality of lock walls
  • Attended Rib Fest in Peterborough and Scottish festival in Orillia
  • Traversed the world’s highest lift lock, and rode the only chute railroad lift.
  • July 20th began exploring Georgian Bay.
  • July 28th entered Killarney gateway to the North Channel
  • August 8th crossed to Drummond Island to check back in to the United States Customs.
  • We traversed over 650 miles in Canada Waters

Baie Fine Canada North Channel



Little Current


Loons in Clapperton Bay



Eagle Island Anchorage sun rise


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    Jellyous….What a wonderful journey you have had…..Love all the ;pictures and commentary….


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