Back in the USA

We re-entered the USA at Drummond Island and cleared customs there staying at Drummond Island Yacht Haven.   Soon after we docked, part of the Amway fleet began to arrive. Their 85’ yacht SunQuest was first, and then Dick and Betsy’s 163’ SeaQuest arrived, followed by a 70’ Hatteras yacht and a couple of large tenders.   We were told the family was having an event there.   They even had a large party tent set up for the gathering.  We left before the affair was under way.


Devos Family Yachts (Of Amway Fame)



Leaving Drummond, we passed through Detour Passage and by the Detour Light house.  Moon Shadow rejoined the group there and planned to go all the way to the Mackinaw bridge to complete their wake crossing.   The wake crossing is a big deal for Loopers, because it is the location where you started the loop and finish the loop. It is usually the culmination of a year of travel and about 6000 miles via boat.

We were so excited to help them celebrate earning their Gold Flag for completing the loop while docked at St. Ignace.   We did the happy dance with them and Steve played the Moon Shadow song on his trumpet as a special tribute. However, the next day it was very sad because that meant they would be heading back to Lake Superior toward their home base.

We did have a couple nice surprises while in St Ignace.   One our good friends, Bob and Vicki, stopped by for a visit.   We had talked about the possibility, but the last we knew it was not going to be able to happen.  We were TOTALLY surprised and HAPPY when they knocked on our door.  The next day our nephew Jeremy brought Teresa’s sister and two of her sister’s grandkids for a brief visit.  We visited on the boat, went to dinner with them, had ice cream (of course), waded in the cool waters of Lake Michigan. We even found a few rock treasures. Caiden even found a piece of white sea glass. Score!

St Ignace

We were excited to discover Henk & Thressa from Marco Polo at the St. Ignace Municipal Marina. So, them and us and Bob & Vicki and Dan B. enjoyed each other’s company aboard Marco Polo. While in the UP (Upper Peninsula) you must try their signature food: the Pastie. The UPers usually serve gravy with the pasties, but ketchup tastes good too.

From St Ignace, we traveled under the Big Mac bridge and re-entered Lake Michigan.  We left Lake Michigan early last September. We saw two freighters which we haven’t seen in a while.

Mackinaw Bridge



Light Houses along the way



The next BLOG update will be about our trip down Lake Michigan heading for home.

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  1. Bob & Bicki
    Bob & Bicki says:

    We still can’t believe we were able to pull off surprising you but oh what fun to do so. We look forward to your return home and continuing to catch up on this fantastic experience you have had. Bob & Vicki


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