Lake Michigan – Heading South and Home

Back in our home territory and ports we have visited many times, but this time we are travelling with Southern Cross who has never been to this area.  It is interesting to see and hear their reactions to the sights of the lake that we have grown accustomed to.   For example, all the sand on the beach at Leland, “Did they haul this in to make this beach?”

While on Beaver Island, we docked with 5 other looper boats; one we had not met before. All six were lined up along the docks proudly displaying their Great Loop flag.

Looper boats in a row on Beaver Island



Beaver Island Dalwhinne breakfast


Beaver Island, Fish Town, Point Betsie, the light houses, the color/clearness of the water and much more–things we take for granted, but re-appreciated when viewed through the eyes of someone who has not seen them before. Thank you, Southern Cross! When you visit Beaver Island, you must visit Dalwhinnie’s Bakery & Deli. On the way out of the harbor, we paused long enough to enjoy a delightful breakfast there. Love walking the town of Leland (Fish Town) taking in the dam, buying fresh fish and whitefish pate from Carlson Fisheries fresh off the fishing boats, shopping and walking. Sunsets are spectacular from the marina.


Leland – Fish Town



Sleeping Bear Dunes



We took some extra time and steered our boats nearer the shoreline to witness and share with our Oklahoma friends aboard Southern Cross the vastness of Sleeping Bear Dunes. From there we could see people going up and down the 450’ high face of the dune.   Again, witnessing this beauty through new eyes doubled our pleasure as well. When we arrived in Frankfort, we thought it might be a few days before we could continue traveling south based on the weather report.  This time the weather report was right, big wind and waves, so we get to hang out in one of our favorite marinas (Jacobson’s, owned by John & Lori) for a while longer. There happened to be an Arts & Craft fair going on in Frankfort: Score! The rolls and swells are so pronounced even at the dock, that we chose to spend the majority of the day off the boat either at the boater’s lounge with our laptop, in town, or walking the beach to watch wild waves and heavy winds.



Big waves at Frankfort Harbor


Light Houses along the way


We plan to head south, stop in Pentwater, and then home to Muskegon.  It is with mixed emotions we approach home turf. Part of me longs for home, and another part wishes to enjoy every last minute of the trip savoring sights and remaining precious Looper friendship time.  Arriving in Muskegon will complete our Great Loop adventure aboard Sanctuary of almost one year. This is called: Crossing Our Wake.


From Frankfort we stopped in Ludington where our daughter Amanda visited us.

Amanda in Ludington


Badger Leaving Ludington


Badger in channel leaving Ludington



The next BLOG update will complete our trip down Lake Michigan and arrival back home, which is expected to be Friday August 25, 2017.

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    • Teresa Lasher
      Teresa Lasher says:

      I know … crazy to think that it’s been 6000 miles and nearly a year away! I am indeed looking forward to settling down a bit, contemplating the wonders we’ve experienced, and writing some more!

      Love, Teresa

    • Teresa Lasher
      Teresa Lasher says:

      And the day has arrived!!! Official dirt-dwellers, well after the holiday weekend that is. Experiencing mixed feelings — loving being on land without having to check the weather all the time, but missing our Looper peeps.

      love, Teresa & Steve


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