Santuary Gold Flag with S and T

Sanctuary is Back at her home port – Our loop completed

What an awesome surprise awaited us as Sanctuary was happily greeted along the channel in Muskegon by marina friends and family.   A group of looper boats followed us into the channel  and back to our home marina to help celebrate our completion of the Great Loop and return home.  We had a wonderful time […]

Lake Michigan – Heading South and Home

Back in our home territory and ports we have visited many times, but this time we are travelling with Southern Cross who has never been to this area.  It is interesting to see and hear their reactions to the sights of the lake that we have grown accustomed to.   For example, all the sand on […]

Back in the USA

We re-entered the USA at Drummond Island and cleared customs there staying at Drummond Island Yacht Haven.   Soon after we docked, part of the Amway fleet began to arrive. Their 85’ yacht SunQuest was first, and then Dick and Betsy’s 163’ SeaQuest arrived, followed by a 70’ Hatteras yacht and a couple of large tenders.   […]

Our Visit to The North Channel

  From Killarney, we traveled to Baie Fine which is a spectacular bay to visit.  We anchored in the pool at the end of the bay.  From the anchorage, you can explore Artists Creek, climb the mountain to see Lake Topaz, and much more.   Steve climbed down to the lake for a swim.  We were […]

Georgian Bay – what a beautiful area

From Midland, Ontario we traveled the small boat canal through Georgian Bay.   We visited a few of the many anchorages available in the area.  Each time we came to a new anchorage, we thought it must be the most beautiful one. Then we visited the next one and thought the same thing.  Mike, Manager and […]

Trent Severn Waterway (TSW) Part 2

Leaving the Peterborough Lock behind, we conquered Locks 23, 24, 25 and 26 and stopped for the night at Burleigh Falls anchorage.  The next day we traveled to Bobcaygeon planning to go through Lock 32. Upon our arrival, we learned the lock was broken.   We tied up on the wall below the lock and planned […]

Trent Severn Waterway (part 1)

After Trent Port Marina at Trenton, we started the Trent Severn Waterway.   The water way is over 240 miles long and has 44 locks.  The first obstacle after the marina was the second bridge before the first lock.   Even though we called and were told “yes” there is 22’ of clearance that is not what […]

Canada Day Celebrations

From Prinyers Cove, we traveled a short distance to Picton and docked at Tip of the Bay Marina.   There is a lot of flooding on Lake Ontario because the water level is about 3 feet above normal.  Many marinas on Lake Ontario are closed because their docks are under water.  Picton has a nice shopping […]

The Canals

The beginning of the Erie Canal is at Waterford where you leave the Hudson River.  The Erie Canal starts with lock #2, because the Federal lock at Troy on the Hudson is not counted as being part of it.  The Troy Lock is called the “government” lock and is operated by the U.S. Army Corps […]

The Hudson River

We left the New York city area and started traveling again.    The route from Half Moon Harbor took us past Stoney Point—the first light house we saw on the trip home when we purchased Sanctuary.  We are retracing our route until we get to the Owego Canal and turn north off the Erie Canal.  The […]

Up the coast to New York

Our Looper flotilla headed out from Delaware and New Jersey and traveled to New York to visit the city that never sleeps. On the way, we picked up one more traveler at Cape May, so now The Lower Place has rejoined our group.   We last saw Charlie and Robin McVey in Washington DC.   Once we […]

On to Annapolis and Swan Creek

From the Potomac River, we re-entered Chesapeake Bay and traveled toward Annapolis.  Not too far into the bay, we caught up with our looper friends on Southern Cross and Moon Shadow. We followed them the rest of the way into Annapolis.   Earlier, we communicated with them and set up to meet in Annapolis Landing Marina.  […]

Washington DC (part 2) and back down the Potomac River

On our last full day in Washington DC, we visited the WWII memorial and the Lincoln Monument.  We enjoyed our days in DC while touring together with Charlie & Robin from The Lower Place. We either walked a lot or shared an Uber ride with our Looper friends. While in DC, we stayed at Gangplank […]

On to Washington DC (Part One)

Approaching Washington DC, you can see the Washington Monument from a long way away since it is the highest structure in the area.  Numerous planes and helicopters flew over as we approached the city.  Busy Reagan International Airport is next to the river. Many helicopters fly along the river and we continue to sight an […]

Through Norfolk Naval Shipyard area and up the Potomac River

Once we returned to the boat, we visited Norfolk and toured the new Waterside area and the Nauticus Museum with Scott and Mary from the motor vessel Jaycie Lynn.  The battleship Wisconsin is on display at the Nauticus Museum. The Battleship Wisconsin served in World War II, Korea, and Desert Storm.  It was launched in […]

Atlantic Yacht Basin, a quick trip home, and on to Minnesota

From Belhaven, we traveled to Alligator River and then on to Chesapeake near Norfolk VA.   The trip was smooth and uneventful along the water ways.  A nice contrast to the last few days.  While we were at Belhaven, there was a severe storm in the night.  The wind blew from the east at over 40 […]

Georgetown, Myrtle Beach, Southport, Wrightsville Beach, Mile Hammock Bay, Beaufort NC, Oriental, and then Belhaven.

Leaving Charleston, it was a perfectly flat travel day as we moved toward Harborwalk Marina in Georgetown. We planned to leave the boat for a week and take a quick trip home, but Teresa got sick so we visited a med center instead.  Minor sinus infection and fluid in her ear.   Picked up some antibiotics […]

Charleston and Patriots Point

If you are in the Charleston area, be sure and visit Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum.   You will find the USS Yorktown aircraft carrier, USS Laffey Destroyer battle ship, and USS Clamagore submarine. As part of your very reasonably priced ticket, you can also tour a Vietnam Experience along the shoreline.   It took most […]

Beaufort South Carolina, Friends Visit, and Where is the Basement?

The next stop planned: to stay a couple days in beautiful Beaufort South Carolina, which is pronounced like beautiful not like the word bow.  The town of Beaufort in North Carolina is pronounced like bow, so its beau-fort SC and bow-fort NC even though they are spelled the same.  The tide changes are still strange […]

Dramatic Coast Guard greeting and another lighthouse with a lot of steps

Fernandina Harbor Marina was hit hard by Hurricane Mathew last year.  They are still working to recover from that and have only recently partially opened. The docks and facilities still need a lot of work.   They had an open t-dock available for us to stay on allowing us to visit the town and area.   The […]

Rockets and Really Old Stuff

From Vero Beach, we travelled to the Cocoa, FL area and anchored near town.   Cocoa has a lot of small touristy shops and restaurants.   We watched the NASA websites about a possible rocket launch and were excited to learn that one was scheduled for the evening we were in Cocoa. The area is called the […]

All The Lonely Pools

Leaving Ft Lauderdale on the way to Stuart, we passed many mansions and super yachts.  As we passed each mansion thinking it must be the biggest; soon another once appeared that was even bigger.  The varied architecture and designs are quite the show.  Each mansion and even the “small” homes have their own pool, many […]

St. Patrick’s Day Already

  While staying in Fort Lauderdale, we found out they celebrate St. Patrick’s Day the Saturday before the actual date.  They have vendors and booths, bands on the stage, and a parade.   We had to see the parade because we consider St. Patrick’s Day an important holiday since our favorite daughter was born on that […]

From Quiet Anchorages to the Heart of the City – Mangroves to Concrete

We left Marathon after completing the repair and waiting out a week of high winds.  We traveled along the ICW to a very quiet and calm anchorage near Key Largo in Tarpon Bay.  Our next stop was Key Biscayne Bite and an anchorage near Miami in Biscayne Bay.   This anchorage was not as quiet with […]

Weather front headed this way, so staying in Marathon

Engine problems fixed and we’d planned to leave for Key Largo today.  However there is a front headed this way with high winds, so we will stay in paradise for a few more days.  

Marathon— our month here is almost over so it will be time to start traveling again

When we arrived in Boot Key Harbor, Marathon Florida, it seemed like there would be a lot to keep us busy.  Sombrero Dockside Marina nestled mid-way in the Florida Keys appears somewhat rustic, 70s style. Roy, David, and Dennis run the marina and their word is the last word. Two of the employees have boats […]

Marathon—we’re in the Keys!!!

We are staying here in Marathon, at Sombrero Dockside Marina, for the month of February and plan to have a few visitors.  Years ago, our family and two children visited Key West. So it’s been a long time since we’ve been in this neck of the country. Sometime during our February stay, we will take […]

Shark River, Little Pine Key, and on to Marathon

Shark River Anchorage was very secluded and completely off the grid. There is not even a hint of cell or data coverage in that area.  The anchorage was a large area that we shared with three or four boats.  The tide in that area was almost 4’ which resulted in a lot of mucky, muddy […]

Everglade City

The wind finally subsided and we started traveling out into the gulf toward Everglade City and the 10,000 islands.  As we were leaving Marco Island, we passed Witte’s condo and Henk saw us out in the gulf with binoculars.  The ride to Everglade City was lumpy due to left over waves from the strong wind […]

Marco Island—Alligators and Wind

Just a few miles south of Naples, you will find beautiful Marco Island—our next destination.   We docked in Naples for a few nights, so we planned to anchor in one of the bays on Marco Island.   After winding through the canals and passageways, we arrived at Smokehouse Bay. Active Captain informed us of a dock […]

Fort Myers Beach, and Naples

We have anchored many times, but never used a mooring ball before arriving at Fort Myers Beach.  We pulled up and Teresa grabbed the loop of the mooring ball first try. We then tied off and were secure for the night.   Lots easier than docking or anchoring.    Mark and Karen from Captains Choice were in […]

Venice, Manasota Key and Cayo Costa State Park

From Sarasota, the ICW took us to Venice where we tried to anchor but found the anchorage was too shallow.  The reviews on Active Captain and local information predicted that might be the issue, so we had a plan B which was to go to Crow’s Nest Marina.   The Crow’s Nest Marina is right on […]


After a couple of remote anchorages, we landed in Sarasota at Marina Jacks which is right in the heart of the city.   From remote beaches to 4-lane highways and traffic jams, the contrast was quite dramatic.   There are so many restaurants and places to shop in Sarasota.  St. Armand’s Circle is well-known for their high-end […]

Anna Marie Island and Jewfish Key

From Egmont Key, we traveled a short distance to Bradenton Beach on Anna Marie Island—a feel of old Florida. Building height restrictions only allow less than 40 feet high. I believe that’s what we like about the place—no huge high-rise condos looming overhead. Years ago, we rented a motel-like condo right on the shores of […]

Egmont Key

Heading south to Egmont Key, we crossed Tampa Bay going by the Sunshine Bridge.  Although the bridge is a very different construction, it reminded us of the Mackinaw Bridge back home with its twin towers.  The coast guard warned of fog in the area, which is exactly what we encountered the last mile of the […]

Moving Again, Headed South from Dunedin, Florida

After a great, and unique for us, Christmas in Dunedin we are moving again. This is a first for us. We’ve enjoyed Christmas in Michigan or Minnesota, but never Florida. It hardly seems possible the month of December flew by so fast.  We chartered Captain Jared’s fishing charter as a gift for a half day […]

Christmas Day at the Beach on Honeymoon Island, Florida

You can enjoy Christmas on a boat complete with a Christmas tree, decorations, presents, and a nativity! After opening presents with the kids and grand kids on the boat, we rode out to Honeymoon Island finding waves to jump in, shells to collect, and sandcastles to build. Teresa had special T-shirts made for a photo […]

Sun, Sand, Shells, Swimming, Snorkeling, Shopping, Special Friends and family, getting ready for Christmas

There are many things to do in the Dunedin area.   Popular attractions include Honeymoon Island and Caladesi Island—both state parks.  There are miles of beaches on Honeymoon Island.   We took our dinghy over to Caladesi Island which is also accessible by ferry. While there, I captured quite a few bird pictures and shells. A few […]

What Were We Thinking……… white sand for snow……..

We left the sunshine and 80° temperatures of Florida for a trip home to Michigan.   Just where did I last see my coat, gloves, socks and boots? While it was great seeing friends and family we have not seen for a few months,  the weather was a significant change!    It was warm inside […]

Winter and Christmas Lights in Florida

  At Clearwater, we visited the Marine Aquarium where Winter the dolphin lives and the movie Dolphin Tail was filmed.  We saw Winter and Hope both swimming in their pool area.   So we can say we saw Winter in Florida.  While we were there, the trainer worked with Winter and gave her massages to help […]

Quiet Anchorages and Busy Clearwater Beach

From Tarpon Springs, we traveled a short distance to an anchorage near Dunedin and Caladesi Island.   Amanda left with us as we traveled out of Tarpon Springs. We were treated to an amazing Dolphin escort while moving out the river to the Inter Coastal Waterway (ICW).  The dolphins put on quite a show as a […]

Thanksgiving by the pool outdoors and Amanda’s arrival!

After we hung out for a bit in Tarpon Springs, our daughter Amanda arrived to visit for Thanksgiving.  We gathered with a group of loopers by the marina clubhouse and pool.  Imagine actually eating Thanksgiving Day dinner outside in short sleeves and sandals—something we have never done in Michigan.  [Sorry, we heard Michigan’s weather proved […]

Safely across the Gulf – The Big Crossing Complete

We encountered a few waves leaving the East Pass from Carrabrelle.   It was incoming tide and with wind on the bow.   I estimate about 6 to 8  mph for wind speed.   My wind meter does not compensate for boat speed, but it was saying 12 or so……  Later the wind was down […]

More Dolphins and Final Preparations for the Crossing of the Gulf

We delayed the crossing by one day and traveled to Carrabelle.  The weather window looked good for another day and it allowed more boats to join the group.   We actually will be accompanied by Last Call (Scott and Karen Devoll) who left Muskegon with us.  Along the trip, we have separated and rejoined a few […]

More Dolphins, Some Minor Repairs and the Shortest Day So Far

  When we left Fort Walton Docks, we crossed Lake Choctawhatchee where a flock of Terns escorted us part way across the lake.   It was very windy and they were drafting alongside Sanctuary coming very close to us on the fly bridge—almost as if they were peeking in the windows at us. On the way […]

From Dog River to Florida – Dolphins and the World Championship Food Contest

We left Dog River marina and crossed Mobile Bay entering the Gulf Intercostal Waterway (GICW).   The GICW is a protected waterway along the coast of Florida.  You can travel all along the panhandle of Florida without going out into the open ocean by using the GICW.  We will be on the GICW until we reach […]

On the way to The Last Lock and finally a Horizon on the bay

From Columbus MS, we traveled to Cooks Bend Anchorage, then to Demopolis AL. On the way, we passed white limestone cliffs at Epes.  Along the way, we saw Spanish moss and palm trees–so we must be getting south. Cliffs at Epes         Demopolis is where we met Troy (Bob and Vicki Rehkopf’s […]

Tenn-Tom Waterway on to Columbus MS, and a few days on land

We had a great easy passage through the 4 locks planned for today.   We just pulled up to the locks and drove right into the waiting pool.  One of the other loopers commented it looked like we were driving into a swimming pool, which it did since it was a very calm day. One of […]

From Joe Wheeler back to Pickwick Lake and on to the Tenn-Tom Waterway

After the rendezvous, we retraced our steps back down stream to Pickwick Lake.  We anchored in Panther Creek on the way back for one night.  While staying at Grand Harbor Marina, we visited Shiloh National Military Park, Museum, Cemetery and Battlefield–the site of a major Civil War battle.   Oh, and they also have a bookstore […]

Wilson Lake, Big Locks and on to Joe Wheeler for the AGLCA Rendezvous

We traveled on to complete the journey to Joe Wheeler State Park.   To get here requires passing through two very large locks: the Wilson and the Joe Wheeler.  The Wilson Lock is the second largest in the US which raises the boat over 94’. While inside the lock, it feels like being inside a tomb […]

Kentucky Lake ends, we are now on the Tennessee River/ Pickwick Lake

We reached the end of Kentucky Lake and are continuing south on the Tennessee River.  There was not a dramatic change just a gradual narrowing because Kentucky Lake is really just the backed up Tennessee River due to the dams built near Grand Rivers, Kentucky. At Double Island anchorage, one of the other loopers saw […]

Kentucky Lake – Another day another bay……….

There are so many interesting bays all along the “Land Between the Lakes” that create good anchorages.  We left Pisgah Bay and went to Sugar Bay followed by Panther Bay.   Leaving Sugar Bay, the wind was blowing quite strong from the south and we saw the first waves and white caps since leaving Lake Michigan.  […]

Green Turtle Bay Marina Resort to Kentucky Lake

We finally escaped Green Turtle Bay and after 8 days, it was agreed: time to move on.  We enjoyed our time there and took in a number of local activities.  One was the local play house, Badgett Playhouse, which was playing   “The Sounds of Memphis – the rhythm, the blues, the king.”   We enjoyed the […]

Barkley Lock and Green Turtle Bay Marina Resort

To get to Green Turtle Bay (GTB), the last hurdle is the Barkley Lock a rather imposing structure.  Most of the locks have been a few feet of lift.   The largest we saw on the Erie Canal was 40 feet; the Barkley lock is over 47 feet of lift.  The other boats look very small […]

Kaskaskia to Towhead Island – Delays and more, Delay then to Green Turtle Bay

The morning fog at Kaskaskia made the spider webs stand out with all the water drops.  We left Kaskaskia Lock and dam once the fog cleared and traveled to Little River Diversion Channel.  The Little River Diversion Channel leads to a river and waterway that seem to go for miles.  We explored up the river […]

From Hoppies in Kimmswick to Kaskaskia lock and dam

We continued south on the Mississippi yesterday, headed for Kaskaskia Lock and dam.   There is a wall here that traveling boats tie up to.  They said there was space for three on the wall, but we shoe horned four into the space and got two more tied off on the fuel barge.  The amount of […]

Left Alton, IL moving further down the Mississippi River, past St Louis to Hoppies

After a few days in Alton IL, we began to travel down the Mississippi River again.  Just a little over a mile from the marina was the first lock for today.   We approached it with extreme caution because yesterday a boat got pushed into the wall and damaged.  There was also lots of floating logs, […]

Staying in Alton a few days

We are staying in Alton a few days; the next stop down the river “Hoppies” was full.  The locks are back operating, but it did cause some back ups.  The Alton Marina is a very nice marina to hang out for a few days.  We rented a car so we could complete some shopping errands in the […]

Peoria to Alton IL, Finished the Illinois River now on the Mississippi

We left Peoria IL and continued down the Illinois river.  Once away from Peoria, the area became very rural with not much to see along the river.  There also was very little connectivity, and was the longest time I have seen my phone with just 1x for data services.  We tied to a wall in […]

From Ottawa IL to Peoria IL and the Bluffs at Buffalo Rock State Park

Today our journey started out cool, but very clear.   It was a beautiful travel day, clear blue sky with just a few white puffy clouds. Since we stayed over yesterday, we toured the limestone cliffs of Buffalo Rock State Park getting up very close in the dinghy.  Along the way to the  park area, […]

Today we are in Ottawa IL

We traveled yesterday from Joliet to Ottawa IL.   We had a long wait at the Marseilles Lock, so we tied up to a barge with three other loopers and had “Locktails.”  We had planned to travel south today, but were told there was a 4 hour wait at the Starved Rock Lock.  It was […]

Stayed in Joliet Today

We tried to continue south on the river today but the Brandon Road Lock just down stream from here was closed all day.  Late in the day one pleasure craft and Barge/tow came up river.  We have not seen any more since those two that were in the lock together.   The wall here is […]

Tomorrow the plan is to start down the rivers

We enter the river, just north of the DuSable Marina where we are tonight.  There is a lock with about a 1 foot drop to the river. The river will take us right through the heart of Chicago under many bridges. The mast and antennas are lowered to get under the bridges.  While staying in Chicago, […]

Crossed the Big Lake and now docked in Chicago, just off Lakeshore Dr.

We left Saugatuck for Chicago early yesterday. The crossing was uneventful but somewhat rough for a few hours mid day, when the 3’+ waves were on the beam. We changed course for a more comfortable ride, until the wind and waves were reduced and we got back on course, arriving in Chicago around 6 pm. More […]

The Great Loop Adventure Begins

Today we started on our Great Loop Adventure.  We said “see you later”  not good-by to the many great friends at our home marine, Lakeshore Yacht Harbor.  We are exited to have our daughter Amanda and dear friends Henry and Mary Kuyt, traveling with us.  Scott and Karen Devoll and their son Alan are traveling […]

Getting Ready for Starting our Great Loop Adventure

We are working on final preparations to leave on the loop adventure. Lots of details to work on: Selling second car, finding new home adoption for cats, closing down and selling fish in three large aquariums, packing for extended trip, etc, etc…… There also have been a few final projects getting Sanctuary ready,  Installing AIS, […]

Sanctuary is back in the water

Sanctuary is back in the water, the long winter layup is over. Now we can work on the list of projects to get her ready to do the loop. Planned start of the loop is the first week after labor day, so the count down begins.          

Sanctuary Gets A New Bottom

  Sanctuary had some peeling bottom paint, blisters and bottom issues.   So we decided those needed to be corrected before we leave on the loop. The major steps were: Boat was sand blasted in fall after haul out Remainder of old paint and poor gel-coat removed via sanding Blisters opened with grinder and sander […]

Looper Seminar and Trawler Fest

Looper Lifestyle We visited Fort Myers and attended the AGLCA (America’s Great Loop Cruisers Association) event.  This included a daylong seminar titled, “Great Loop Cruising: A guide to the Looper Lifestyle.” The loop is a circular route going around the eastern half of the United States encompassing about 6,000 miles.   During the seminar, Gold Loopers (people […]

End of Season and Final trip of 2015 for Sanctuary

Sanctuary made the final trip of the 2015 season headed for storage.   We can now get started on the winter projects list……..

From Manistee to Ludington and White Lake

We toured the City of Milwaukee Railroad Car Ferry and the Coast Guard Cutter Acacia in Manistee.  They are both retired and on display for tours.       City of Milwaukee Car Ferry (retired)         After touring Manistee,  we left for Ludington.  We met Bob and Vicki in Ludington for a planned […]

Leaving Arcadia for Manistee

We left Arcadia and made the short trip to Manistee.  There was a nice following sea for the trip.   Sanctuary secured a dock at the Manistee Municipal Marina.   They have a new clubhouse/bathhouse for visiting boaters.  It has a very nice lounge area and a number of individual showers.  The bathrooms and facilities are very […]

After the storm in Arcadia

Beautiful sunset and calm evening in Arcadia after the storm.  

Left Frankfort, traveled to Arcadia + 40th Anniversary Day!

We traveled to Arcadia, which is not a long trip, even though the waves made the trip not the most comfortable.  Wind and waves were out of west so we motor tacked down the coast. This lessened the impact of the waves. We spent  the day and night anchored in Arcadia Lake just inside the […]

Touring the Frankfort Area

Yesterday we took a ride on our tandem bicycle to Crystal Lake.   The Betsie Valley trail is a nice trail that starts here in Frankfort and continues past Crystal Lake to Beulah. The trail is paved with smaller hills.   Snake grass along the trail      We stopped at Crystal Lake for a refreshing […]

One more day at Frankfort, still beautiful…

Today, we’re staying in Frankfort due to rain and possible storms predicted.   So far, we’re only seeing light rain. We walked to the beach last night and witnessed yet another beautiful sunset, followed by a mandatory visit to the ice cream shop. Never seem to tire of an awesome sunset and the conclusion of a […]

Continuing north to Frankfort MI

We left Pentwater headed north and chose Frankfort as our next stop.     Teresa’s office along the way.         Big Sable Light House Frankfort Light House     The bay in Lake Betsie at Frankfort was our first night anchorage.     In the morning after breakfast, we motored into Jacobson’s […]

Summer Cruise on Sanctuary 2015

Summer Cruise on Sanctuary 2015 On the move again: Sanctuary’s headed north on Lake Michigan for our Summer Cruise.  We left Muskegon on July 26, 2015.  First day stop: Pentwater to visit friends who are camping there. Our friend’s daughter and family also have a charming cottage in town just a hop, skip and a […]

Spring is here -Happy Happy Happy

Spring finally arrived and Sanctuary is back in the water.  After many winter projects and upgrades, we look forward to the 2015 boating season.   Sanctuary back at the dock at Lakeshore Yacht Harbour in Muskegon MI.           One of the projects this winter was upgrading the galley. New solid surface […]

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Travels of Sanctuary                             Through the Erie Canal 2014   Our new book is now available!! We are so excited! “Travels of Sanctuary – Through the Erie Canal 2014” Previews of the book can be found on and by clicking on the […]

Sad sad sad … Sanctuary’s last trip this year

We had a great season and trip home from New York.  We were able to see many interesting sights and towns along the way.  However, the season is ending on the Great Lakes,  so Sanctuary is in her winter home.   Now we can be working on upgrades, repairs, maintenance, and some general improvements.   […]

Map of the route home

The map below shows the route home for Sanctuary,  from Stony Point, New York to Muskegon, Michigan. The map was built from the daily tracks on the Navionics application used on our tablet which were uploaded to the Google earth program.  Two daily tracks were lost and I drew them in manually on the Google earth program, one […]

Sanctuary is Home!!

Sanctuary arrived at her home on Friday August 8, 2014!   We were greeted at the Muskegon Channel by our friend Deann who took pictures of us entering the harbor.   Over the weekend, we were excited to introduce Sanctuary to friends and family. Entering Muskegon Harbor               Friends and family […]

Day 28 – Leaving Leland, past the Manitou Islands, Pt. Betsie and into Frankfort

We left Leland and entered the Manitou passage headed south passing North and South Manitou Islands. There was a nice following sea.  Even though the atmosphere was hazy, there was good visibility overall.   Passing by  Point Betsie lighthouse, we continued on into the Frankfort harbor.  After shopping in town, we found a few  treasures.   […]

Day 27 – Beaver Island to Leland, Some Fog, The Bluebird, another beautiful sunset

We left Beaver Island after breakfast at the Dalwhinnie restaurant. They have their own bakery and bake excellent Cinnamon and Pecan rolls in addition to very good breakfast selections. Teresa had the Irish skillet and I had French toast, all were very good. Leaving Beaver Island Harbor it was sunny and clear, but not too […]

Day 25/26 – From St.Ignace to Beaver Island, Under the Big Mac, Finally in Lake MI

We left St. Ignace for Beaver Island and plan to stay for two nights.  We crossed under the Big Mac bridge and FINALLY have Sanctuary back in Lake Michigan. Sanctuary is so excited to see the fresh clear blue water of northern Lake Michigan. We’re also celebrating our 39th wedding anniversary on the Island.  We […]

Day 23/24 – Alpena to St. Ignace, Some light houses, Some big waves, and friends greet us in port

We left Alpena headed north to Cheboygan or St. Ignace (whichever the wind & spirit took us) getting an early start at first light.  The lake remained calm for most of the day.  At the point to turn for Cheboygan or St. Ignace, conditions looked good to continue on and finish in St. Ignace where […]

Day 22- Sunrise side of the lake, Covering miles on Lake Huron, No land in sight, and a brief shower

Continuing north on Lake Huron today, the day was uneventful.  We started out with 1′ or less waves, but soon they built up to over 3′ on the nose.  It did not affect progress much, but didn’t make for the most comfortable ride. By the end of the day, the lake had quieted back down […]

Day 21 – Wave goodbye to cousin Bill, Under the Bluewater Bridge, and on to the tip of the thumb

We traveled from Port Huron out into Lake Huron to the top of the thumb, ending the day at Harbor Beach Marina. To start the day, Jeremy walked to Chef Shells Catering and Roadside Cafe for amazing donuts.  We enjoyed those very much.  If you are in Port Huron be sure to stop down town […]

Day 20 – Continuing on St. Clair River, Visit with Cousins, and tour Port Huron

We continued north on the St. Clair river today stopping for the day in Port Huron.  Strong winds from the north and current of the river made for slow passage.    We wanted to stop in Port Huron to visit our cousin Bill.  Bill and his son Bill Jr picked us up at the boat and took […]

Day 19 – Up the Detroit river, across Lake St. Clair, up St. Clair river, docked before the storm

We waited to get started for a little while this morning because of the fog. Once underway, we passed under the Ambassador Bridge and continued on to Lake St. Clair.   Just into Lake St. Clair, there was a stuck freighter (the Federal Rideau). I wonder if they have unlimited BoatUS towing and what that […]

Day 18 – Finally out of Sandusky, Progress up the Detroit river, and Docked at the birth place of the Edmund Fitzgerald

We finally made it out of Sandusky!   After a more than 30-day delay for repairs, we are traveling again.  Since we left the Sanctuary blog travels at day 17, we will call the restart of travels day 18.  We traveled the rest of the way across Lake Erie and started up the Detroit river. Jeremy […]

In the water at a real slip, Sanctuary name in place, and repairs complete!!

We completed the sea trial today, and the final electrical repairs.   We plan to leave Venetian Marina tomorrow and begin the trip north.   The staff at this marina have been wonderful.  The quality of the repairs and concern demonstrated by the staff have been better than expected & we’d recommend Venetian if you […]

Happy, Happy, Happy … Sanctuary floats again, Repairs Almost compete

Sanctuary is back in the water! The engine is reattached with new engine mounts.  The propeller is tuned and polished, along with many other repair details. Tomorrow we will do a sea trial and hopefully compete the electrical system repairs.  If all goes well, we can resume our travels toward home on Saturday. Finally back […]

Day 17 – Last post for awhile, Sanctuary on the hard for repairs, we are at home

We left Sanctuary behind in Sandusky OH for repairs which are estimated to take a couple of weeks to be completed.    She is in the barn awaiting estimates, insurance adjuster, and eventually repairs. Since we couldn’t stay on the boat in the storage barn, we traveled back home.   We’ll post again when we […]

Day 16 – Journey to nowhere, some repairs completed, and a dinghy ride

We are still docked in sick bay. Tomorrow the mechanic should arrive and we can hopefully get started on the engine repairs.  One of the local people (Nathan  and Katie) who keep their boat at this marina were going to West Marine and offered us a ride.  We got the needed wire and parts to […]

Day 15 – Smaller Waves, Clear Sky, and a visit with TowBoat US

We were going to stay in port today since the wave prediction was still for big waves.  By lunch time the wind had dropped, the waves were down to less than one foot and it was sunny, so we decided to head for the Sandusky area and anchor for the night.  As we passed the […]

Day 14 – Big Wind, Big Waves, Glad to make port, and an Amazing Sunset

We had planned to go to South Bass Island, Put In Bay today, but the weather predicted for the lake to get rough in the afternoon.   So we planned a shorter trip to Lorain, OH with the idea we would be in before the bad weather was predicted to arrive.  As usual, the prediction […]

Day 13 – back on the lake, another state, and a thunderstorm

We left Erie, PA today traveling west on Lake Erie to the port of Eastlake Ohio, staying at Chagrin Lagoon Yacht Club.  The day was mostly cloudy, but after one thunderstorm passed, the sun came out.  We watched one storm approaching on the radar and altered course to miss it.  Radar on the boat is […]

Day 12 – Maintenance, Laundry and visit with friends on land

Thunderstorms predicted for today, so we are staying in port at Erie. This also gives us more face time with dear friends, Bonnie & Rob. **Win-Win situation** The oil needs changing, the brown smile from the canal needs to be removed,  the laundry needs to be done, etc…… Then we plan to continue west on […]

Day 11 – Open water, Haze on the horizon, and out of New York

Today was the first day on Lake Erie, no locks and no lift bridges, just open water and it was not chocolate brown.  We left the marina in Buffalo, NY headed for Erie, Pennsylvania with the goal of meeting our long-time friends Rob and Bonnie.  The lake was like glass leaving Buffalo, but it was […]

Day 10 – the last canal, the last lock, open water, and the mast is up

We left Albion NY this morning headed to Buffalo, NY.  The canal after Albion meanders through farm lands.  At one point the local road went under the canal.  We passed the northernmost point of the canal today. The last two locks on the Erie canal were locks 34 and 35.  They were the least fun […]

Day 9 – more time in the ditch, some quaint towns, and the rain arrived

We left Pittsford continuing west on the canal.  This part of the canal is like traveling through a park, with joggers, runners, bicyclers, and rowers.  The two locks just past Pittsford each raise the boat 25.1 feet.  That was the last locks for a while.  The new challenge is waiting for the lift bridges. Multiple […]

Day 8 of our trip home – Not as many miles, no locks, Nice time in Pittsford

We started the day at Mid Lakes Marina in Macedon.    Our plan for the day was to go to Pittsford where Bob and Vicki’s nephew Dale and family live.  As we passed Fairport they were having a festival, so the city was full of vendors and lots of activity.  We were on time for […]

Day 7 of our trip home – Lots of time in the ditch, some nice towns, and canal boats

Since we spent the night just below lock #25, the first lock was completed by 8:30 am.  We spent most of the day traveling in the “ditch” which is the man-made part of the canal. The ditches are generally very straight and narrow without much scenery.  At one point, we were above the road way […]

Day 6 of our trip home – a lake, a river, and exploring a lock

We traveled from Sylvan Beach to lock #25 on the Erie Canal.   We started at Sylvan Beach with a very pretty sunrise.   We then crossed Oneida Lake which is 17 miles end to end.   After leaving Oneida Lake, we were on the Oneida River.   This part of the route had lots […]

Day 5 of our trip home, our first lock down, and a walk on the beach

We visited the Remington Factory Museum in ILion before leaving today. A Remington Bicycle  Bob and Vicki looking for a sample   From ILion, we traveled the Erie Canal. This part of the canal is a straight narrow “ditch”, not nearly as scenic or interesting as the river parts.   A Blue Heron followed us […]

Day 4 of our trip home More locks, some rain, and one of the worlds highest lift locks

We started today in Amsterdam NY, and ended the day in Ilion NY.   We continued meandering along the Mohawk river and eventually  left the Mohawk river and continued on the man made part of the Erie canal.   The canal was full of sticks and logs.  One of the “go fast” power boats we were following […]

Day 3 of our trip home and lots of locks

Leaving Waterford via the Erie canal you go through the highest amount of lift in the shortest distance any where in the world.  The Waterford flight of docks raises the boat over 150 via 5 locks.  The crew has to keep the boat next to the wall but not crashing into the wall. They reported […]

Day 2 of our trip home and our first lock

We had a mostly uneventful night anchored in Newburgh Cove except  when the anchor alarm went off due to the tide pushing the boat the other direction from the anchor from where we started.   The river current was flowing south but due to the tide was flowing north. The beautiful sunrise made up for that […]

Day one of our trip home and Happy Birthday to Steve

Stony Point Light House  Bob Helping Vicki pilot  West Point West Point  Esopous Meadows Light Sunset  Birthday Cake   We went North past West Point, past the Bear Mountain Bridge, Newburg Bridge, and Poughkeepsie Bride. We anchored for the night in Vanderburgh Cove by Esopous Meadows Lighthouse, where we watched a beautiful sunset over the Catskill Mountains. What […]

Travel Plan

We plan to leave from Stony Point New York, Patsy’s Bay Marina on Saturday.   We will then be traveling north on the Hudson River. Once we get to Albany we will connecting with the Erie Canal and following it to Buffalo.  

Welcome to the Travels of Sanctuary Blog

This is where we will chronicle the travels of our “new” boat a Defever 41 trawler.  We will be bringing her back from NY via the Hudson River, Erie Canal and the Great Lakes to Muskegon MI